New York – Southern End


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge New York
Take the train to Court St Station, get out and walk up to the park, cross it then down the street (you can see the Manhattan Bridge in the skyline, that’s the direction to head), you will pass under a bridge, keep an eye out on your left for a set of stairs that take you up to the Brooklyn Bridge and walk across, back to New York.
It’s advisable to do this in the morning so the sun is behind you and you get an unimpeded view of the city skyline.
It’s around 1.6 miles (2.5km) from one end to the other so have your walking shoes on!  As you can see my husband kindly chopped off my feet in the pic as I’m wearing sneakers and he didn’t think I’d want to get them into the photo.

1 Chambers

1 Chambers St New York
As you arrive over the bridge back into Manhattan you will see the most ornate building, this is actually the home to the government offices and you can apparently go inside (though we didn’t do this).

1 Chambers St New York Government OFfices

Statten Island Ferry

View from Staten Island Ferry
This ferry is free and departs every ½ hour (on the hour) to Staten Island. If you want to see the Statue of Liberty but don’t want to pay the $20 fare to go around the island, the ferry is the next best thing to do. You get great views as you pass, plus you also get views of Governors Island and Ellis Island.
When you get on the ferry, head to the right side as it faces out into the river, this will get you the best views of the Statue of Liberty.

Staten Island Ferry

Stature of Liberty

Statue of Liberty
There are many boats that take you there, and you can walk up it (though I believe you have to book ahead of time if you want to do this). Or you can, just take the Staten Island Ferry as we did if you don’ t feel the need to stand right underneath her.


Battery Park

One World Trade from Staten Island Ferry and Battery Park
Just outside the Staten Island Ferry terminal is Battery Park. As with all the parks there are sculptures to admire and attractions to see.  It was the first place the Dutch landed back in the 1620’s and Castle Clinton is a reminder of the heritage of the area.

Battery Park sculpture

One World Trade

Walk to One World Trade
Walk through Battery Park then head up West Avenue, there is a walking mall that takes you directly to One World Trade.

One world trade


Want to get lunch or go shopping?  Then stop by Brookfield Place and Riverside eatiers.

Brookfield Pl



























So many places to eat lunch at the Riverside eateries outside on a lovely day.
40 plus style - Sylvia and friend

While I was there I met up with Sylvia of 40+ Style for lunch on the waterfront.

Interior walk to One world trade

I particularly loved the bones of this walkway building from Brookfield Pl to One World Trade and the Ground Zero Memorial site.

Ground Zero Memorial

world trade centre memorial


These two memorials for the Twin Towers are a beautiful and moving experience.  The names of those who perished in the 9/11 attacks are etched into the sides of the memorial.


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