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As I’ve gotten older, I tend to spend more on clothes as I want higher quality and I expect the garments to last longer.  So taking a little extra care of my clothes will also help me get the best value for my clothing dollar as well.

How Do You Keep Your Clothes Clean When You Travel?

I really enjoy travelling and one of the things I find trickiest when on the road and away from home is washing.  Do you pack so many clothes you never have to wash and then lug large amounts of washing around?  Do you spend all your time in the local laundromat?  Will the industrial machines at the laundromat trash your good quality more delicate clothes? (Ahhh yes!!)

Often you’ve just got a couple of things, some underwear that needs washing or just one or two items, the Allurette delicates washing bag is the ideal solution.

It’s lightweight and totally portable and yet allows you to wash larger items if necessary.  This is so handy if you are away from home and have limited washing facilities.

It’s great for washing lingerie, wool, cashmere, spandex, swimwear, silk, lace, linen …. you name it, you can wash it in the bag!

If you handwash delicates at home then it’s ideal for this as well.

I gave it a test drive on my wool and cashmere jumpers (that’s a sweater for  you Northern American folks!).  

It’s truly simple to use, just fill up the water to the line marked on the bag, add your detergent and clothes, then roll and clip closed.  It has a special internal washboard that helps to clean the clothes, yet is gentle on your delicates and you get to keep your hands dry whilst you wash!

I washed one at a time, but they each took less than 2 minutes to wash, so it wasn’t a big time burden.

The Allurette delicates washer will be one of my essentials when I next travel so that I can do those quick and essential bits of washing so I know I’ve got clean underwear every day!

You can find out more here (and get one yourself).



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