New York – Upper East Side


Upper East Side New York - what to see

Given that there is just so much to cover from my recent trip to New York, I have decided to regionalise my travels and share where I went and what I saw.  First up, the Upper East Side of New York.

Top of the Rock – Rockefeller Centre

Rockefella Building New York

A modern Art Deco style building. This is one of the three viewing platforms that overlook New York. (Empire State and One World Trade being the others). We chose to go up to the Top of the Rock ($30) as the queues were very short (got to love that), plus it gives you great views of the Empire State Building as well as over Central Park (it’s closer to Central Park than the others), so it gives you both great uptown and downtown views.

View over central park from rockefella
Rockefeller Plaza (if you are here at Christmas this is where they install an enormous Christmas Tree that is 20 storeys high

View of Empire State from Rockefella
The Rockefeller building is the home to NBC and the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon records here as does Saturday Night live – you need to plan ahead to get tickets to see the live tapings.

Getting There

45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York


Orange Line V – 47-50th Sts  or Blue line E to 5th Ave and 53rd St E

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Station New York

Worth going inside. It’s a hugely impressive building from the street, but also a beautiful place on the inside. It is so quiet when you consider the number of people who pass through each day.

Grand Central Station Eagle
Getting There

87 E 42nd St New York


Purple 4, 5, 6 or Green line 7 or the Grey S train to Grand Central

The Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building NY

This is my favourite New York building. It’s 1930s Art Deco heaven. Sadly you can’t go up, but you are allowed into the foyer and can admire the deco decorations. Even the lift doors are made from multiple wood species.

Chrysler Building NY
Getting There

405 Lexington Ave New York


Purple 4, 5, 6 or Green line 7 or the Grey S train to Grand Central then walk East on 42nd St to Cnr Lexington Ave

5th Avenue

5th Avenue Shopping Bergdorf Goodman Windows
Bergdorf Goodman Windows – 754 5th Ave New York

This is the home of Saks 5th Avenue as well as many other stores (along with 7th Avenue)

Shopping Upper East Side New York
As with all of New York, just walk along and look up and enjoy the architectural features that are part of so many buildings.

New York Upper East Side

The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim Museum and Gallery New York

This gallery/museum is an architectural marvel and is worth seeing from the outside as well as the inside (though if you don’t want to see the exhibits, just go into the entrance before the ticket counter to see the inside).

Guggenheim exhibits
Getting There

1071 5th Ave New York

We walked across Central Park from West to East and exited the Engineers Gate


Green 4, 5 6 to 86th St then walk West down 86th to 5th Ave, then turn right and head North up to the Guggenheim

The Plaza Hotel

The Plaza New York

You don’t have to stay here (and I know I couldn’t afford to) but you can walk into the lobby as well as the restaurant area to the shops that surround the Plaza. Just for some eye candy (and if it’s summer, some much needed airconditioning).

The Plaza is located across from Central Park at 768 5th Ave


Yellow N, Q, R to 5th Ave and 59th Sts

Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien

Imogen Lamport and Bridgette Raes

Fresh and organic is the menu. We had the cob salad and a watermelon and cucumber juice.
I was lucky enough to meet up with blogger and stylist Bridgette Raes for lunch here.

Getting There

This is  a chain restaurant and there are many across New York – we met up at 50th st and between  6th and 7th Avenues


Also on the Upper East Side

We didn’t have time to see everything, but on a previous trip I have also been to (and would recommend going to)

Metropolitan Museum of Art

1000 5th Ave – located on the Eastern side of Central Park

The Museum of Modern Art

11 W 53rd St



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  • Thanks for such fabulous photos of “my town”!! I am so glad you had fun in NYC. We have just had an incredible visit by Pope Francis and the UN General Assembly is about to start this week. No wonder it is the City that never sleeps!

    • Excellent Juhli! Enjoy your trip – there is just so much to see in New York – another post coming next week (I’ve got about 5 NY blog posts lined up) on another part of Manhattan.

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