Be Generous With Your Compliments as it’s World Kindness Day


Be generous with your compliments - November 13 is World Kindness Day

We are always quick to believe any criticism aimed at us, yet many find a compliment unbelievable.  I’ve written before about how hard it is for many to take a compliment graciously, but considering that today is World Kindness Day I thought that I’d encourage you all to be generous with compliments today and be generous in your response to any compliment your receive.

Compliments need to be authentic, otherwise the receiver will feel that you are not being truthful and therefore the compliment is to be ignored.  How often have you thought in your head something nice about someone you’re talking to, but the words never fall from your lips?  In our busy lives it’s easy to forget to compliment those around us, particularly our loved ones who often bear more of the brunt of our bad moods and are expected to put up with us, yet often are not appreciated in the way they should be.


It might just be about their shoes, or for someone in your family or who you are close to, something about their soul that you feel is wonderful and worthy of recognition.

Don’t hold back, give them out generously.  Be kind to all and see just how much better your day is when you give away freely your kindness to others.

For giving is receiving.

And remember, be generous with yourself too and give yourself some compliments as you have to be careful about your self-talk.


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  • So true, Imogen!
    Just this week I complimented a young woman on her look. She was taking my morning coffee order — which she already knows, as I am one of the regular customers. On this particular day her work look was especially flattering and eye-catching. Her dark curls were held back with a bright printed bandanna, she wore pearl earrings and her smile was framed by red lipstick.
    She thanked me for my comment and then to my surprise, asked if she could give me a hug. Of course I said yes, and she came out and around from behind the counter. As we embraced I could see tears in her eyes. She whispered, “On the weekend I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years. You have made my day”.
    So much to reflect on…who knew that a simple compliment could mean so much? I realise I have underestimated the power of a compliment to help others.

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