New York – Lower West Side


New York - what to see on the lower west side

Another great area to visit in New York is the Lower West Side.  Have your walking shoes on because you’ll be covering lots of ground, and walk off the main roads to enjoy the local ambiance.  This part of New York is very different from mid-town and many other areas.  It really does have it’s own village vibe.

New York – Greenwich Village and Lower West Side

Friends Apartment and Carries Stoop Greenwich Village
Friends Apartment exterior 100 Bedford St (left) and Carrie’s Stoop from Sex and The City – 66 Perry St (right)

This area, below 10th Street, is known for being the location of many TV shows and movie exteriors, from the Cosby show house to the Friends apartment as well as the front steps (known as a stoop) of Carrie (Sex and the City), even though she was supposed to be living on the Upper West Side.

100 Bedford St corner of Grove St – See the exterior of the Friends TV show Apartment building where Monica, Rachel, Joey and Chandler lived.

7 Leroy St
7 Leroy St (left) and 75 1/2

We did a self guided walking tour and saw many of the local delights, from the narrowest building at 75 ½ which is only around 2.5m wide and has been inhabited by, to the old workers apartments made from weatherboard (very rare in New York, everything is brick or concrete) which recently had an apartment sell for $2 million.  7 Leroy St – Jacob Romaine’s two and a half story residence is a rare and beautiful survivor of early Greenwich Village


Greenwich Village Doors

I particularly liked looking at all the doors – such variety in decoration!

Bleeker Street

Bleeker St New York
Bleeker St New York

From Cornelia to Bank Sts
Stop off at Sugar and Plumm for a handmade chocolate or locally made icecream covered in brownies!


Sugar Plumm

How to Get There

Take the train to 14th street and walk down 7th Ave, turn right at 10th street
Go down to the river, then wind your way back up zig-zagging up the cross streets to enjoy the local ambiance.

Hudson River

Hudson River West Village

See the Bagel artworks and views down to One World  Trade

Chelsea – Lower West Side

Highline NYC
Walk the highline from 30th Street right down to Chelsea Market. It’s a disused railway line that has been turned into a walking park.
At one end you over look the Hudson at the end of the line. There is street art and sculpture (and even a market) to enjoy as you meander down the path. It’s one of those urban developments that will have really improved the area.

How to Get There

Take the Subway to 4th st and   or 34th St Penn Station and walk west down 30th St to the corner of 10th Avenue where you’ll find the steps up to the Highline


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    • Just looking at the Wikipedia link, I’ve never heard the term the “South Village”. I’m not sure that many people would recognize “Hudson Square”. Unlike some places, New York City does not have defined neighborhoods and there is considerable disagreement about boundaries.

      Back in the spring, this blog invited New Yorkers to draw their neighborhoods on a map. In the past month, there have been many stories on the lack of agreement.

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