What I Wore This Last Week of November


pink spot leopard top

Hot day and I went to the National Gallery of  Victoria to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition (high recommended, post coming with photos).  Top is from Target and skirt from Ojay.


grey knit sweater

Cooler again so long sleeves came out.  Working in front of the computer all day so in leggings for comfort!

green ruffle leopard blouse


Busy day today with appointments so it took me til dusk to take a photo!  This leopard green blouse is a few years old now!  The silver belt is from current season Witchery and I”m wearing my trusty Calvin Klein jeans.

blue and white rebecca taylor blouse

The curls are back (that’s what I do when I can’t be bothered to wash and dry my hair) thanks to my trusty VS Sassoon Curl Secret (it really is super easy, if you’ve ever wanted curls, then maybe get someone to get you one for Christmas!).  Boots are from Hush Puppies and jeans from Uniqlo.  I love this shirt, it’s from Rebecca Taylor and I adore the colours and different fabrics.  Mixing patterns the easy way!


metallicus jacket

Did a colour analysis, so didn’t want to be wearing much colour (keeping it neutral).  This jacket is from Metalicus and super comfy.  The dress is a skirt and I’ve had it about 7 years now! Can’t see them but I’m wearing my mox shoes.

grey Leopard sweater


Getting myself ready for Dubai, starting to pack my fabulous Samsonite carry on (don’t worry I’ll tell you what I’m taking in a post next week).   I like this leopard knit (from Big W – here is one similar) as it’s medium contrast, rather than high, which suits me better these days, and even though it’s darker, it helps to tie in my dark coated denim jeans.


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    • Thanks Susie. I’m officially neutrals and a color, and I probably wear that more often than not, but I do break my rules ALL the time as my personality is creative (and that allows me to break rules). I love the curls too but they take a bit of time to do!

  • You look wonderful. I really like your style of clothing. Love the grey jumper with different sleeves and the patchwork blouse, in fact all those outfits. I am working on getting my capsule wardrobe together and value your advice. It is a bit difficult to find flattering colours as I have warm grey hair and hate khaki, olive green – there’s not too much available in soft greens so turquoise and teal are more readily available for me to choose.

    • We just have to get what is available at the time. Over time as trends change we can add extra colours. Maybe warm grey is better than khaki for you these days.

  • I agree – the blonde hair really looks great now that I am used to it. You have written
    about how you have adjusted your colors to suit your new hair but what makeup adjustments
    did you also have to make?

  • Wonderful ensembles… Of course, I love the grey leopard and leather joggers. The charcoal cropped jacket with geometric pattern and the black balloon skirt make a stunning outfit. The silvery grey sweater oozing texture and style matches works so well with your value contrast. THe blouses both have great patterns and color. I would be happy packing your suitcase any day! Fantastic!!!

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