How to Brooch the Subject




No, the heading does not contain a spelling error, but I wanted to broach the subject of brooches after one of my lovely readers emailed me for advice on choosing brooches.

Now they are an ideal decorative detail that you can wear in your portrait area if you have a short or wide neck that you don’t want to empasise with a necklace (check out this post on that topic), or if the neckline you’re wearing doesn’t support a necklace or scarf (or they just get in the way).


Choosing and wearing brooches
Wearing a cluster of 4 smaller brooches

They are also a brilliant way to create asymmetry in your outfit (should you feel you want that, or need to if you have asymmetrical features).

Brooches are a great addition to an accessory wardrobe. For many years they were rather “old lady” in an old-fashioned way, but they are making a resurgence of popularity and losing that old-fashioned vibe.

There are many ways to wear brooches (which I’ve shared here), but when you think about choosing them related to your personality style, what kinds of brooches should you choose?

Choosing BroochesWhat I’ve noticed is that there are a few common categories of brooch styles:

  • Feminine – with lots of bling and delicate detail – these are the most common
  • Quirky – almost from the ‘badges’ of my 1970s youth – fun and different
  • Classic – the more old fashioned styles
  • Personality pieces – the ones that reflect something that you love (such as my whippet brooches).


choosing brooches to suit your personality
Whippet running brooch from Erstwilder


So if you’re dramatic it can be a bit tricky to find an overscale brooch, what to do instead?  Well why not cluster a 4-5 brooches which will give you the scale you want.

If you’re creative go for those more quirky styles.  You’ll often find them on Etsy (see below for a great selection of brooches and brooch sellers)

If you’re more relaxed, look for styles that are more simple, with less detail.

If you’re rebellious then look for those more unusual and unexpected shapes like the spiders, skulls and scorpions.

Where to Buy Brooches?

Craft markets

Art gallery shops

Amazon sellers

Etsy – My favourite place to find quirky, unusual and handmade items

Where to buy beautiful and unique brooches

Origami Brooch

50s Fashion Brooches

Silver Platypus Brooch

Wire butterfly brooch

Leaf brooch

Owl brooch

Bat brooch

Felt brooch


The Finishing Touch



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  • I wore a large, blingy snowflake brooch yesterday with a black turtleneck tunic, my unusual concession to the holiday spirit. I wore it on the collar, but could have found a better placement. As a petite I know I’m supposed wear brooches higher, but I think I got too high… Do you have any suggestions for wearing brooches with turtlenecks? Thanks in advance!

  • The brooch-cluster idea is brilliant – going to try that!

    I second Jelena’s question about brooches on petite women, and how to wear them on turtlenecks. I tend to wear them upper left, just as you’re showing your whippet brooch, Imogen, but what’s best? I’m in Chicago; it’s very cold here in winter, and I wear turtlenecks almost every day. A brooch is a good way to change things up a bit, add a little festivity this time of year.

    The spiral-y brooch shown above with spikey tapered baguette ?crystals? is so pretty; where is it from?

  • I love brooches and have a few of them. Was so happy to read they were making a come back in clusters… I have seen them on handbags and they are glorious !

  • I’ve seen them on beanies on young girls and teens and looks really hip. Canvas purses. Jean pockets. On a denim jacket. My mom collected brooches and had over 100 all in boxes in a dresser drawer. I arranged them on black velvet tapestry is a circle pattern (took forever to get a stylish layout). I hung the tapestry on her wall as art. It was really cool and she could remove a pin if she wanted to wear it. When she passed we brought them all to her memorial and everyone took one or two to remember her by. Even the men had them on their suits. We got to share all that love. I do wish I would have kept a few more, but it makes me happy that they are out in the world. Thanks for the interesting post.

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