Denim with Style – FABruary Style Challenge


Denim with Style

Denim is something that many of us wear a lot. For many our jeans are a go to item. I was considering whether or not I should include denim in the style challenge at all as it’s too many people’s fall back, so I thought that I’d twist it up and insist that it be worn with style and not in a ‘got my old jeans on’ kind of way.

Today I’m dressing down a frock I tend to wear out in the evenings with a denim jacket and some more casual jewellery and ballet flats.

There are lots of denim options, from the traditional blue denim jeans, to the current trend of coloured and printed denim jeans. You can also find shoes made of denim, denim bags and denim skirts, vest, shirts and even jewellery.

Denim with Style - Fabstyle


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  • I don’t know whether my post today qualifies as “denim with style”, though I certainly got the denim bit right! I didn’t have much time to think about my outfit as we had a group of American musicians to show around our local town this morning and the key words were “comfort” and “warmth”. Obviously the answer was my favourite dark denim jeans! My denim jacket won’t come out until the weather gets a bit warmer – and as you say it’s a great match for dresses.

  • For the “Denim with Style” outfit I wanted to wear a recent acquisition, a black denim jacket with orangey seams that a colleague passed on to me unworn (she bought it in the wrong size). It has a classic cut and a fair percentage of elasthan in the fabric = very good vestibility! It definitely qualifies as stylish. I donned it with a pair of black pants that are pin-striped in blue and a muted orange V-neck pull. Accessories: a blue belt, a necklace with pearly and blue beads, pearl earrings, black shoes and bag. I loved the color scheme and it worked very well for visiting my mother-in-law 🙂

  • I have a soft denim shirt (in a tencel type of fabric) with sleeves that are too long for me – so do you think it would be better to turn the sleeves back (very casual) or take the sleeves off to make a soft style denim vest ? The fabric is not as stiff as normal denim and the style wise has a curved hem just below the hip. Would this make it more wearable and versatile, and then it could be styled as above? Any thoughts and ideas on this would be very helpful. Thanks.

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