Arm Candy – FABruary Style Challenge


My Arm Candy!


It’s day 1 of my FABruary Style Challenge and the launch pad for your style today is Arm Candy.

How to interpret this theme?

  1. Wear a watch
  2. Wear a watch with a bracelet or two
  3. Wear a cuff on your upper arm
  4. Wear a stack of bracelets, try putting different ones together
  5. Wear a shirt with an interesting cuff
  6. Wear gloves with fur trim
My Arm Candy tree
Arm Candy Ideas

Now it’s time for you to share your Arm Candy – Tweet #Fabstyle @ImogenLamport, or go over to my Facebook page and upload a pic or Instagram or Pinterest @ImogenLamport so I can find you or just leave a comment with a link here!


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