How to Pick a Warm or Cool Beige


I was recently asked by a reader about whether or not she could wear a beige jacket over the top of her column of colour outfit as she wanted to use the beige as her neutrals with her cool colours.

How to Distinguish Between Warm and Cool Beige

Now of course anyone can use beige as a neutral, but you want to make sure you get the right undertone for your beige so that it works with your colour palette.  Warm beige (yellow based) will work with warm colours, and cool beige (pink based) will work with cool colours.

how to pick a warm or cool beige


How to Wear Beige with Your Column of Colour

For some examples here with a cool ‘rose’ beige I’ve created two outfits – one a low contrast, one medium-high contrast

cool beige over a column of colour


And now warm ‘camel’ beige options

warm beige over a column of colour


Depending what colour you put with your column you will change the contrast levels. If medium contrast is best for you go for a medium value beige. That way you can wear both light and dark colours with it and easily create your medium value.

If you are better with a high contrast, choose a beige that is light so that you have the flexibility to wear it with dark colours to create that high contrast.

Just remember to look for the pink (cool) or yellow (warm) undertone when choosing your beige to ensure it works with lots of your colours (and other neutrals) in your palette.

Beige Goes With Lots!

Beige goes with


The reason beige works well with so many colours is that it’s a neutral and so has the opportunity to easily max and match.

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