Statement Earrings


Today is the day of the statement earring.

Generally, If I’m wearing a statement earring, I won’t wear any other jewellery near my face as it can get too cluttered. The more petite you are, the more important this rule.

I’m more likely to choose a statement earring over a necklace when I’m wearing a cowl neckline, or a neckline which has feature detail.

How much jewellery at once?

How to match jewellery without being matchy


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  • Lovely earrings you’ve got there. I am wearing feathery colourful ones as you can see on my blog, but I feel I still need some sort of necklace. What do you think?
    (I am tall, I do have a long neck and a long decoltage, so perhaps the area being cluttered by both earrings and necklace does not apply in my case??)

  • I have to admit that my effort for today’s challenge is a bit pathetic. The only statement that my earrings make is “Sue doesn’t do statement earrings – mainly because she doesn’t have pierced ears.” For years it hasn’t bothered me, though sometimes I spot some particularly gorgeous earrings and think “I wish….” Like Imogen’s gorgeous elegant earrings and Susie’s fun, bright pair – if only! I have decided to wait until my next big birthday and get my ears pierced so that my family can treat me to some equally gorgeous pairs for my present!

  • You ladies are really rockin’ the challenge. I am so impressed, and inspired. Imogen, thank for including these photos to show us how a variety of people are interpreting the challenge.

  • I don’t use statement earrings very often, mostly because I like having my hair down and earrings wouldn’t show then so well. So, today I put my hair on a ponytail (a real challenge!) and wore a pair of multicoloured earrings.

  • As a jewellery designer, creator and collector most of my earrings are huge. In fact, most of my jewellery is huge as I don’t do small or petite any more. On hot days I may only wear earrings, no necklace, no bracelets, too hot and sweaty. On other days I throw on as much as possible. I love jewellery, don’t care about any rules, and will always wear whatever and as much as I want. I am obsessed and have over 1300 pieces so I need to wear a lot just so they all have a day out. I think when it comes to something you love so much there are no rules since it makes you happy, you’ll pull it off and make people notice and smile anyway. People always comment on my jewels and I love looking, wearing, and buying them. I am an addict! Jewel Divas is my business name and Tiara is my actual name. Appropriate I say!

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