Scarves – FABruary Style Challenge

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  • I also wore two scarves today: one lightweight one for indoors, which I didn’t remove. Plus a warmer, though not heavy, scarf for outdoors. Sun shining here, and no rain, but cold enough that I needed to wrap up warm!

  • I’ve found the joy of scarves (others than the warming ones in the Winter) only quite recently, but already have quite a few nice ones in various colours. Scarves are really great way to make a simple outfit look different and more fun!
    Today I chose my favourite scarf in pink.

  • hello, my name is Lina, Im from Sweden and I have read your blog for a while and love it!

    But there is a thing i wondering related to this post.
    Do you’ve any post or can make a post about how to style shrugs/boleros? Ive searched for a long about how to style them (outfits) but can barely find anything about them. What to wear them and what doesnt work etc. I only see themand wear them with dresses and for the evening. Are they even fashionable to wear for daytime and with other pieces apart from dresses? Because Ive a half dozen of them and struggling how to wear them.
    Thanks in advance if replying. ^_^

  • It’s a bit late but here’s my scarf post! Well, it also covers the lace challenge and the coloured shoes.

    In connection to the above question I might add, that I wear a lot of bolero style cardigans. They fit me much better than regular cardigans because my waist is so extremely short.

    I wear them with any outfit that normally would call for a regular cardigan. If your waist is longer, it’s a whole different issue, and Imogen is probably much better equipped to help you!

    Good luck Lina!

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