Layering – FABruary Style Challenge


Same top with different colours layered underneath

Layering is easy.  The key to layering is to choose lighter weight fabrics, rather than anything too thick or chunky (then you’ll feel and look like the Michelin Man).

Today I’m layering a lavender tank under a green top that has cutouts on it (from Forever 21!).   I love wearing different colours under this top as it gives it different moods, hot pink is another favourite.  I’ve also layered on a couple of bracelets!

There are lots of ways to add layers to your outfits.  You can:

Layer a waistcoat

Layer under a sheer blouse

Layer long sleeves under short sleeves

Use layers to create waist definition

Use layers to stay warm

Use layers to disguise a larger bustline

Layer a top under a jacket

How are you layering today?

Don’t forget to share your FABruary style challenge looks by using the hashtag #Fabstyle on twitter, instagram, pinterest etc. and linking to my social media accounts with @imogenlamport or posting to my facebook wall, alternatively you can always leave a comment here with a link to your blog or pic!


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  • Layering is something I do almost every day, living in Finland where the weather often is cold or chilly. Today I layered a turquoise blue long-sleeved top under a black lace knit. First thought of adding a scarf, but then decided not to.

  • This was a great day for those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere! Layering is something that we always do during the winter months, and ideal for when we are in an office or visiting friends, as we can easily remove a layer in warmer buildings and then add it back before venturing out again.

    I love your top by the way, Imogen. In fact I think I’m in love with your wardrobe!

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