Flowers – FABruary Style Challenge


A floral blouse for FLOWERS day! I adore ‘ming’ style patterns and the blue and white.

Today we’re wearing flowers. There are so many ways to bring flowers into your outfit.

Flowers - fabruary

Flowers can be abstract or naturalistic. They can be 3D or 2D.  They can be part of an overall pattern, or a feature detail.

Be aware of the scale – a large scale floral will overwhelm at petite woman.  Ensure that your patterns reflect your personal scale.  Not sure of what it is?  Think of it this way:  your medium is no larger than your palm, your large is no larger than your outstretched hand.  If you’re Petite (under 5’4″) go for small to medium patterns.  If you’re tall (over 5’9″) you can upscale to a larger pattern, if you’re not sure, stick with medium.

How are you going to add some flowers to your outfit today?








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  • You look great in that blouse!

    I chose a sheer blouse with a flower pattern – which is doubly stepping out of comfort zone as I don’t tend to wear a lot of pattern (not sure why I was wary of them before as they can look fantastic) and there is a bit of orange in my outfit which does not go with my colouring but I think a little bit not nearest my face is still fine.

    The pussy bow came with the blouse (although I realise it slipped somewhat during the photo-taking process) but seeing how it’s a deeper V-neck is it OK to wear that more delicate or another similarly not very distracting necklace (like with a tiny pendant) despite the blouse’s collar area being quite busy?

  • hey Imogen, That’s quite a different look for you, I think it’s the colour combo and the spaciousness of the floral design, the centre panel line is a great slimmer! You know me I love to wear creative florals if they’re not over the top!

  • I’m loving this new floral trend because it offers so much opportunity to pair a flirty floral with a tougher piece. Like a floral pant and leather jacket.

  • Like this blouse on you. I am not much for flowers, however I like the fact that there is lots of light color without pattern and the print is very flowy. The black (navy?) strip down the center and v neck make a “Y” which is very slimming. I have not seen a blouse just like this before – Great choice !

  • Flowers are not in a major role in my wardrobe, so this was a bit challenging, too. The top I chose to wear reminds me of my trip to Kyoto two years ago. 🙂

  • I love both the blouse and the necklace – I will be checking out Wallis when I next visit London! I bought a couple of things from Wallis on-line, but they seem to have changed their sizing recently, so I think in future I will wait till I can try things on in their stores.

    Flowers. Hmm! This would have been easier for me in our summer, so I settled on wearing a floral scarf.

  • Seeing your tanned skin with this gorgeous white top just reminds me of Spain. The embroidery could easily come from Spain, and your tan too! For further explanation on this subject, see my post at:

    This flower challenge was a challenge I that loved, because I got to wear my quite new top, featuring some of my favorite flowers, Helleborus! They probably have some English name that is used commonly, but I don’t know it.

    Although I do love roses, a rose print often seems too sweet. With the black background colour this print becomes more dramatic, and the non-pink flowers add to that.

    As far as the size of the pattern it’s on the smaller side of medium. I think it’s about as large as I like it. A smaller, dense pattern is just better at disguising spare tires!

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