Blue & Lace & Coloured Shoes – FABruary Style Challenge


I don’t wear a lot of lace, I’m very smooth and shiny, and lace isn’t, but I do like this lace back shrug and my lace top b-string

Today I’m covering the next three FABruary Style Challenge subjects



Blue by imogenl featuring a silk shell top


Blues, like most colours can be warmer or cooler.  Because blue is naturally a cool colour (as it has a blue undertone), those who are cool will find they can wear a wider range of blues than people with warm colouring, who should stick to the warmer shades of blue.

You can use blue as an accent, or head to toe, in an accessory or even as your nailpolish.

blue goes with



Lace is one of the big fashion trends out at present and can be added into your wardrobe in a small or big way.

If you have textured hair lace garments are most likely to look great on you.  The texture will harmonise with your hair.



Be aware with lace, as with all textures, that it can add a little bulk to your appearance so if you’re worried about making an area of your body look larger, don’t wear your lace there.

Coloured Shoes

Many people stick to boring black shoes with everything, but they really don’t suit every outfit.   A coloured shoe can make an otherwise plain outfit have pizzazz.

coloured shoes

If you wear an all neutral outfit with coloured shoes, remember to add an accessory near your face with a similar colour to draw attention up to your face.

Some coloured shoes – in blue!


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  • How intriguing! I have always thought of lace as super elegant and feminine so smooth hair, perfect make-up and impeccable clothing just seemed to be a requisite for it! But now I’ve looked it up and it does seem to blend more into people with textured hair as you wrote. Still, textured hair I’ve never associated with that smooth elegant look that lace in my mind has always demanded. it is all irreconcilable for me at the moment.

    another thing though that I am fairly sure holds true is that one has to be subtle with lace. too much can overwhelm and you risk looking like a curtain… perhaps that only goes for more formal lace I guess.

    • If you have patterned skin (like freckles) it will also work well on you. Texture works with texture, smooth with smooth, shiny with shiny. Lace is also a personality piece, like many of the pieces in our wardrobe, that reflect who we are. So you are right that feminine and lace work hand in hand!

      • Interesting, thanks. By this logic, shouldn’t it be true that patterned outfits also stand somewhat in contrast with smooth and shiny? (although I am guessing the pattern there is just on the surface whereas with lace it’s the nature of it as a material) following from there, silk for instance does not necessarily suit someone with texture in their hair or skin??

  • Imogen – I really have to thank you for this challenge! Without realizing it, I had been wearing more or less the same stuff for the last month or so. Can you believe I wore my black pencil skir for the first time this season just because of the challenge? I’ll write some thoughts on my blog when it’ over, but for now THANK YOU!

  • Blue is a colour I wear a lot and most shades of blue look great on me (I’m cool). Today I mixed several shades of blue together and, for a change, didn’t wear anything black (except for shoes..)! That was the real challenge for me today. 😀
    And about lace.. I wear it a lot, as well. I usually associate lace with gothic romantic styles, where hair often is silky smooth. It looks very beautiful, in my opinion. So, what you wrote about lace and textured hair was new to me. Maybe it’s a matter of style, after all, and not so much about structure?
    Btw, love your shrug in the first picture!

  • Almost blue all over for me today! However once I had posted today’s outfit on my blog and looked at it critically, I had a few doubts. The blue top looks a warm blue but the navy jeans appear a cooler shade. Too late now to change!

    I am now worrying about tomorrow’s outfit. I don’t have much lace, apart from undies (that aren’t fit for public consumption!) I don’t know what I’ll be able to come up with – unless I cheat!

  • My choice for today’s theme ‘Lace’ was a black and white dress with a white shirt underneath – and red lips (I’m starting to learn!). 🙂

  • I was very tempted to post a photo of my laced shoes for today’s challenge, but luckily found a top edged with lace in my summer wardrobe, so I paired it with a warm long sleeved cardigan. Having read that lace works well with freckled skin, I might look for something new in lace next time I go shopping!

  • My coloured shoes for today were purple. My absolute favourite pair of shoes! I use them too little, though, most likely because I don’t want them to wear out.
    (The colour is a bit more intense and bluer than in my picture.)

  • I’m so envious of those of you who wore purple shoes today, as mine have had to be thrown out. I’m also envious of Imogen’s turquoise shoes as I have some lovely turquoise necklaces and bracelets that would go with them! I’ve already worn red shoes during this challenge, so for today’s outfit I dug out my green shoes.

  • Lace question: I purchased a lace sheath dress that came with a lace jacket for a semi-formal wedding. I have to wear flats. So I wore the dress and jacket. Accessorized with pearl earrings and necklace and a black patent clutch and flats with a black patent toe and a quilted texture body.
    I am O-shaped at this point in time. I have silver gray hair that is shiny and I wear in a bob below my ears. I use a cane.

    Did my choices make me look more O-shaped than I am? Older (I am 68) frumpy?

    I have another wedding…I want to be the best-looking 68-year-old there.


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