Third Piece – Waistcoat


Many people in warmer climates would like to add a 3rd piece(that extra garment that adds some extra interest) but find it’s too hot for a jacket, so why not try a waistcoat.

5 ways to wear a waistcoat

Waistcoats are not always the traditional suit fabric, they come in all sorts of fabrics,  from denim to lace.  Some are unstructured and soft, others are more formal and structured. Looking for a summer structured waistcoat?

Why not try and find one like the black one pictured here which only has a waistband and halterneck, so that you back is uncovered.

They are great to wear over a tank top, particularly if you don’t like to show bra straps, they add that extra layer that hides all sorts of added extras, but if they’re in a light fabrication won’t make you feel too hot.

In the office, you may find that a waistcoat can replace a jacket during the summer months.

You could even wear one with a pair of shorts, provided it’s made of jersey and unstructured.

A waistcoat with a little detail can make a plain outfit interesting.


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