How to Wear a High Neckline with a Large Bust


So, you may be aware that I generally advise against wearing a high neckline when you have a larger bust, as it makes it appear to be even bigger and start just underneath your chin.

But sometimes we all want to wear high necklines, for example, it’s winter here at the moment and I don’t want to be cold.
By wearing a pink (more related to my skin colour) top with a high neck, then putting this dark strapless dress which creates a more flattering place for a neckline for me, I can draw attention away from my chest. The pink acts like ‘skin’ and then the necklace distracts from the crew neckline, and with it’s larger scale diminishes my bust!
Pink Cashmere top – 8 Inkerman – my favourite cashmere shop in Melbourne.
Dress – Alain Murati – from Mon Amore Paris – my favourite boutique – Village Walk Arcade, Toorak Village, Toorak, Vic – if you go there – tell them I sent you!
Black knee high boots – Diana Ferrari
Necklace – picked it up at a market


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  • Thank you for this. I thought I was doing myself terrible injustice every time I strayed away from V-necks. Now I know I can wear a crew-neck top with a little planning.

  • Wow ! I have never seen something like this. But now that I have, I´m surprised in a positive way. You really look cute. No sign of a large front. I´m so into conservative dressing, that I think I´ll never be able to work that. Those of you who can, I raise my hat!

  • Tessa – I know – you have been brainwashed by the v-neckers! There are always ways to break the rules – and rules are made to be broken.

    Metscan – thanks – it's a pretty out there top, but you could adapt the principle with a crew or turtleneck top, with a low V neck or square neckline over the top in a darker or brighter colour.

    Mervat – love to know how it goes!

  • I've worn the crews and turtlenecks with a deep v or wide and deep neckline over it in color, but I haven't tried this,with the strapless dress and the light pink top although similar outfits seem to be quite fashionable right now. I'll have to try that come fall.

  • What a great idea. I have a large bust for my frame and when winter comes here I will try this out.

  • Aha! That is a *smart* idea, Imogen. (And a great illustration of why the balance points work, since you are wearing the same clothes as in your post yesterday.)

    I love your strapless dress a lot – beautifully cut – but strapless styles rarely stay up on me even against bare skin, and I'm afraid that over another fabric it would slide even further down. Are there other necklines other than strapless/straight across that you would suggest trying over a high-necked style?

  • Mardel – I'd never (or unlikely wear) a strapless dress without something underneath. This dress is also a skirt.

    Sal – I'm sure you can rock it!

    Jane – try using a longer skirt as a strapless dress then belt it!

    Kari – I do have to hike up a little – you could try a wide v-neck or a square neckline, or a low, wide scoop.

  • I think you look smashing in this but I wouldn't wear this look (I'm as busty and as short as Her Majesty … but about 30 years younger). I live in a city with winters infinitely colder than Melbourne's – what are Melbourne winters like, damp chill and rainy, like Amsterdam and London, or a bit milder, like Rome's? (though Rome does actually have winter, and it is cold inside the buildings there).

    I tend to go for deeper necks – also, I have a really nice décolleté, nice skin, I mean – and wear scarves when it is frigid. There are exceptions, but they are really of the "old stuff to wear while working at home" type.

  • I have look best in V-necks but live in a cold place. I compromise in the winter by wearing crew necks under a blazer (with a V neckline) or use a scarf to draw the eye down. It works pretty well.

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