What to Wear to Look Credible and Professional in a Relaxed Business Environment


Can you do a post for professional yet comfortable clothes for those who work in education?


You asked – here is my answer – as I know that it’s more than just the education sector that has this same issue.

For those who work in a more relaxed business environment such as the education sector, it can be hard to look stylish and professional yet also feel comfortable.

What to Wear to Look Professional and Credible But Remain Comfortable and Appropriate in a Relaxed Business Environment

Comfortable Stylish workwear

1.  Shoes – Find comfortable but stylish shoes – ballet flats, ankle boots, knee high boots are all options that you can easily stand up wearing for hours yet remain comfortable. Get more tips on building the right shoe wardrobe for you.

2. Fabrics – Look for knits and soft fabrics – find tops that you can easily move in.  To ensure that you look professional, make sure your tops are in good condition with no pilling or stains.  Ensure the fabric is of good quality which communicates quality – and you want to be seen as a high-quality person I’m sure!

3. Hero Item – Add your 3rd piece – look for comfortable jackets or jacket-like cardigans or vests (if you’re in a hotter climate) to add the collar that says professional.  If you don’t want to add a third piece – look for items that have built-in detail.

4. Accessorize – Don’t forget your accessories- scarves, earrings, necklaces etc. will all add the finishing touches to your outfits.  Express your personality with your accessories.

5. Structure – Some structure in your outfit always makes you look more professional.  A blazer with your jeans or a collared shirt are two easy options to consider.

6. Grooming – Don’t forget your grooming – hair that is “done” makes a massive difference to your overall appearance – particularly when your clothing is more casual – good grooming stops you looking sloppy (which reads as lazy and unaware).

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What to Wear to Look Credible and Professional in a Relaxed Business Environment


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  • Hi Imogene, love your post, can you tell me where can you purchase a top like the left mustard and the jackets, they are great for the relaxed work environment.

  • I love leopard skirt with plum sweater and tall boots. Totally what I’d wear if I still taught. I just picked up two shaped boyfriend-type blazers at Target in teal and black in a jersey material–perfect piece for the classroom as it’s stylish, professional and made of jersey.

    BTW, I blog about comfortable, stylish footwear for women! I used to teach middle school, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis so i know how important supportive footwear is for all-day comfort.

  • I love your suggestions, especially the comfortable (but defined) waistlines. Belting is nice, but fiddling with belts when I sit down/stand up makes me cranky. It is nice to see outfit inspirations that are so wearable.

  • I am a banker and I think these outfits are perfect for me too. Professional and some personality, going to copy these when weather cools off

    Love your blog


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