How to Be Contemporary and Casual in Classic Clothing Styles


classic contemporary casual clothing

If you are a more classic personality type, how do you translate this more simple and structured garments into casual outfits.  Classic clothing is made for the office, it says professional and organised, but often you can feel that casual clothing is the hardest for you to wear as it feels too sloppy for you.


contemporary classic casual


If you are naturally more classic you like your clothing more simple, no frills or flounces or excess details. This can end up looking plain and boring. Getting dressed for the office is easy, but dressing down and being more casual is more difficult.

Ideally think about:

  1. Well fitting clothing, nothing overly sloppy or loose in your casual wear.
  2. Keeping structure but changing the fabrics, buttoned shirts with your jeans, cotton drill jackets over knit tops to give you a more structured appearance while remaining casual.
  3. Denims are best in dark washes without distressing.
  4. Stripes are a classic pattern, a Breton style top is a great casual option.
  5. Classics love quality, so keep your garments looking fresh and pressed.
  6. To stop this look from looking dull and boring, make sure that you add in great accessories, from belts to watches, shoes and bags.
  7. Scarves and jewellery are also important to give your plainer garments that detail and create focal points.
  8. Trench coats are a brilliant way to add structure and a layer to any outfit


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  • Utilizing classic designs to create chic, casual looks is a daily struggle for me, Imogen. It was much easier dressing for the office. Thank you for your helpful suggestions and ideas. There must be lots of women working through the same situation every time we gaze into the closet.
    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    A faithful fan,

  • love, love, love

    Unfortunately I cannot wear shirts tucked in as I have a belly. However, I think that it looks much more sophisticated to have them tucked in instead of wearing them over the trousers.

    BW, Tina

  • As I get older, I feel the need for more structured and classic looks! Sloppy looks so bad on older people!

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