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Hi Imogen.
Thank you for a really good blog – especially the body shapes have been a great help for me (a tall X).
I am 39 and appear in media now and then. I struggle a bit too keep the look modern. I like to shop – but … how does one keep up with fashion (in an affordable way) staying true to body shape, colours – and most of all who I am. Some stuff looks great on the 18 year old girls but I would never wear it nor feel comfortable. I have discovered that buying a couple of new hip T-shirts now and then is a great help, and that I just have to accept that some of that stuff has to leave again after 1 or 2 seasons – and that is ok. I can manage that. But still I have a tendency to slide towards something too classic which makes me look old-fashioned. So the question is: How does one keep up with fashion? What are your best tricks?
Kind regards Anne-Cathrine


Classic with a twist

Looking modern or youthful (which is different from looking young) is all about being aware of the current silhouette, but wearing it a way that suits your body and your personality.

  1. It’s  about being aware of the current silhouette in fashion, but not about following the fashion slavishly.
  2. Ensuring that your fabrics are modern too.  Some fabrics look old and dated as technology has moved on and you don’t see these fabrics anymore.
  3. Make sure that clothing fits properly and works with your proportions.  Often wearing clothing that is too long and disproportionate for your body will also make you look frumpy.
  4. The comfort factor can also be key.  When we dress for comfort above all other elements, we can end up wearing clothes that are too large for our frame, making us appear out of touch with our body and so out of touch with fashion.
  5. Be aware that the classic clothing of today is not the same as that of 10 years ago, nor will it be the same as the classic of 2023.  Classic changes, more slowly than other styles, but still lengths of trousers, trouser shapes, jacket shapes and styles and fabrics change.
  6.  Ensure that you accessorize and add personality to your classic style and ensure you look for classics that are not completely plain, a small twist will add a modern look to your naturally classic style.

Shop for Classic with a Twist

I have no particular tricks apart from those listed above, so tell me what are your tips for looking modern?




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  • I shop in modern stores, like gap or banana republic as opposed to older dept stores, like sears. I update my trousers every few years so they are in style and use mainly jewellery to jazz things up

  • Anne-Catherine, I am also a tall X with chunky legs and I have the same problem. I cannot wear skinny or narrow jeans or loose tops which seem to have been in fashion for ages! Same with dresses and skirts – A frame skirts are hard to find. And then there are the shoes! Ankle boots and shoes that come up to the ankle are also vogue which add kilos to my tree trunks. I would love it if department stores or shops dedicated a section to we pear and X shapes. Ann PS Another challenge I cannot wear black and it’s everywhere!

    • Me too! I am a tall x frame with big/chunky legs and it is shocking how few jeans and pants on the market now that are not skinny! It is really tough to found trouser jeans with a wider leg which I need. It seems that stores would be wise to stock clothing for body shapes rather than trends

  • I have found that the modern trends of pattern mixing and color “pops” are a good way to make classic pieces look modern. Earlier this week I wore khaki pants, and an eggplant tee shirt. It looked booo-ring. But I added purple oxfords and a chartreuse scarf, and wow! I’ve gotten a lot of fashion mileage out of those purple oxfords. It seems like the wouldn’t match with anything, but I water them with everything and it seems to look instantly chic. (They are Cole Haan Gramercy BTW, and sooo comfy too!)

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