How to Know if Your Hair Colour Is Wrong


how to know if you have the right or wrong hair colour to flatter your complexion


One question that comes up with my clients and also on my 7 Steps to Style program forums is that of hair colouring and what works best.

Skin Undertone and Hair Colour

First consideration is always your skin.  You want to find a hair colour that flatters your complexion.    In fact hair, as it’s so close to the face, really will reflect onto the face and can make you look washed out or well (and I know which option I’d prefer!).

  • A colour that is too warm will often make your skin appear more ruddy (pink/red) and less even in tone.  If you read up my Not Going Grey posts you will see in the images just how as I went through the ‘warm’ phase of removing the colour, my skin was unflatteringly pink.
  • A colour that is too dark will look harsh and wash you out.
  • A colour that is too cool (if you’re warm) will make you look washed out and tired.

Choosing the right hair colour to suit your complexion


Tips on Knowing When Your Hair Colour is Wrong

If you feel the need to either have a tan (either out of a bottle or from the sun) to make your hair colour work – then your hair is the wrong colour for your complexion.

If you wear a foundation colour that doesn’t blend with your skin (a whole lot darker), or feel you need to wear lots of bronzer – then your hair is the wrong colour for your complexion.

If you need a ‘brighter lippy to make your hair colour work. Then it’s the wrong colour (and if anyone ever tells you that “if you just pop on a bright lippy it’ll look great” then, don’t buy it! It’s the wrong colour and is washing you out!).

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  • I had my warm auburn hair highlighted with cool blonde highlights. What a disaster! I aged about 10 years and looked like a walking corpse. In the light of day it looked even worse! Thankfully the hairdresser fixed it up the next day and I always stress if I’m seeing a new hairdresser any colour has to be warm!

  • Thanks for the links to your Not Going Grey Gracefully posts. It helped me understand how my “dark ash blonde” hair can go auburn in the sun and that this post’s advice on warm/cool also applies to natural hair color.

  • I am seeing lots of young blonde women around with their hair dyed so ash blonde it is almost grey. I suppose they are copying a celebrity somewhere, but it looks awful on warm skin tones. I wish they read your blog!

  • I stopped coloring my locks in various shades of red a few years ago because my hair was falling out in spades. Now I have weird graying hair that feels too cool to me. My natural color is a warm (mousy) brown. What can I do? I miss my red hair. BTW I have very pale freckled skin, a redhead’s coloring. I know because two of my children are glorious natural redheads. Also I have been trying to play up the drama of my graying which is coming in strongest at my temple’s. I don’t really mind the gray. It just doesn’t seem to go with my autumn color palette in clothing.

    I also stopped wearing black about 3 years ago and I do not miss it!

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