How to Balance Fashion Trends with Flattery


Fashion trends, they are something you may love or hate or just not care about.  One aspect of fashion trends is how much you buy into the trend for fashion’s sake or ignore them for the sake of figure flattery.

Fashion Trends vs Figure Flattery

In this video with Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe, we discuss this and give our tips on:

  • How to choose the trends that will work for you. What to look for and what to avoid.
  • Colour
  • Body Shape and Silhouette – when is the time to ignore figure flattery
  • Lifestyle aspects

We talk about the concept of how much you have to stretch to make something work and ask the question “How far are you prepared to stretch your style?”  Do you want to keep compensating for something that doesn’t flatter?

We discuss fads, trends and classics – find out more about what they are here.

What are the things that last the longest? The ones that end up being the best value?

We’d love you to share your thoughts about balancing fashion trends with flattery.  Do please leave us a comment!

How to balance fashion trends with figure flattery


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  • This may be your best video yet! Such good advice…as a classic, I have to be reminded that trends are best studied awhile before I leap. I bought a soft-shouldered cocoon coat because it was made in gorgeous brown tweed…and after three years I decided I needed more shoulder structure despite my love of the fabric. Lesson learned.

  • Some great information and tips in this video. I do feel, however, that well tailored jackets with a body conscious line and in great fabrics can be attractive even longer than 10 years. It is difficult these days to find the beautiful details and fabrics that were used. Many are unlined and are of cheaper materials than previously. I agree that classics change throughout time in subtle ways and if something is too exaggerated it can look dated much earlier.

    As you both say, it is vital to know your body type, coloring and personality when making wardrobe decisions. Love these videos!

    • They can be – provided that they don’t have specific fashion elements of the time – these can be related to pockets, shoulder pads, buttons, length etc. When they are “inbetween” they can last longer.

  • I am a very visual person…I would love to see snippets of actual clothes that meet the classic, and in between examples that you speak of.

  • I think I finally come to peace with the fact that I have to wear certain styles to flatter my body type, suit my coloring and personality and that it doesn’t matter if it isn’t necessarily “of the moment.” If I feel good with what I am wearing that is really all that is important. Believe me it has taken a long time to come to this realization! I liked when you said “Just Say No” and that even classics can go out of style. Just want to add that Jill looks amazing in those colors wow! And I love how you look Imogen with your hair in a ponytail. Great video!

  • So interesting to revisit this video, Jill and Imogen!
    I DO have some non-figure flattering clothes that are trendy, and I enjoy that fresh feeling of surprise and discovery I get when I find a style I have never worn before, which I feel I can get away with…
    BTW, trying on trends is how I learn more about how to flatter my body shape. I make a point of trying on new trends in store, purely as a research exercise, so I can learn how different items translate from the hanger to my figure. I don’t like to assume that something won’t suit me; I want to see the evidence for myself. Doing this, I’m fine-tuning how to recognise clothes which WILL flatter me.
    As for wearing my non-figure flattering items, I like to shift the focus from the clothes themselves to my accessories. I’ve got a pair of bright metallic sandshoes, some big hats and a few dramatic necklaces and bracelets, any of which which distract nicely and create “peripheral” focal points away from my torso and proportions. It’s as if the non-flattering aspects of my clothes (e.g. non-ideal hem lengths and proportions) are balanced out, so they don’t draw attention to themselves. I’ve been really surprised to find that eye-catching accessories (as opposed to subtle tonal ones which are my go-to) make wearing trendy clothes possible for me.

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