Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
243: Colour and Style Q&A: Greens, Stay Warm in Cold Office, and Flattering Clothes.

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0.09 Can you reinforce for me the difference between cool and warm greens. I know olive is warm but it is those greens that are somewhat sage and those that are mint greens that confuse me.
4.20 I would love to know how to stay stylish and warm in a cold office? I feel my style is ruined as everything nice I wear leaves me cold and I have to always wear a big cardigan. My other issue is that I am slim but often get bloated so what looks good in the morning has me wanting to cover up by evening. Any hacks for this other than more cardigans?
8.25 I don’t know how to put things on that are actually flattering. I need clothes that are comfortable and practical as I live on a farm, but when I do go out and want to look more stylish when I see pics of myself I can’t believe I went out looking like that.

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