Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
174: Colour and Style Q&A: Handbags, stay warm without adding bulky layers, rayon

In This Episode

0.07 Let’s talk about handbags! My hair going white has thrown me a bit, not a fan of white handbags unless it’s high summer. Otherwise, I’m soft and warm coloring. Can you show us some handbags of yours?
2.55 How to stay warm without adding bulky layers that just make me look bigger?
5.19 What is rayon? How can I choose good vs bad rayon?


How to Choose your Handbag

How to Choose a Handbag – Don’t Forget the Season

6 Top Tips for Choosing a Handbag That’s Both Practical and Beautiful

Handbag Shapes and Styles – How to Choose To Suit You

How to Dress during Hot Climate

3 Easy Ways to Add Interest to Your Summer Outfits When It’s Too Hot to Add Layers

How to Create a Stylish Casual Wardrobe for a Hot Climate

What to Wear at Work in a Hot and Humid Conservative Environment

How to Choose the Right Fabrics

How to Choose Flattering Texture in Fabrics

How You Can Use Your Hair Texture to Determine the Fabrics You Choose

Incorporating Texture and Sheen into your Outfits

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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