How to Have a Successful Shopping Trip


How to enjoy shopping more and have a more successful experience when shopping for clothes and accessories - tips from a professional shopper

Some women find shopping for clothes and accessories easy.  Others find it frustrating and exhausting.  Yes it’s true.  Not everyone loves to shop.  So this was a topic that was requested for  Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I  to discuss on how have a successful shopping trip.

We discovered after shopping together that we shop differently – we have different processes which we discussed in this video.

In this chat we talk about how to be more successful in your shopping experiences, from our personal as well as professional experiences.  From what kind of shopping environment suits you best, to the preparation you may want to do before you go shopping.

Discover how to expand your options when shopping, whilst not becoming overwhelmed with the vast number of items that you can possibly choose from in stores.

What kind of preparation do you do before you shop?

Tell us what you find makes your shopping expeditions more successful and pleasant?

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