It’s OK to Fiddle With Your Jewellery (Just Not In Public) – Earrings


how to alter your jewellery - earringsBy Bernadette Lis – Our Resident Ms MakeItOver

Scared of your own jewelry? That sounds a little ridiculous but if you think about it, sometimes I think we treat our little baubles and beads as if they were priceless museum artifacts! (If yours are, please post the pictures; we’d love to see them!) Now, I’m not talking about your family’s estate jewelry or your diamond engagement ring but those little trinkets and doo-dads that are supposed to make accessorizing fun! Here are some of my pet peeves and solutions.

Fishhook earrings are common everywhere but they often seem “off” on me, with too much empty space where I need something near my face which is more substantial than a wire. I believe many other women have this same problem of needing a bit “more” up higher near their face. At the same time,there are many gorgeous and tempting hand-beaded and crafted earrings which utilize this kind of hook. Just removing the fishhook and adding a large stud-type earring is enough many times to adjust an earring to suit you better.

changing a hook earring to a stud

Large round pearls and beads are particularly well-suited, but do experiment with other stud earrings too! Removing the fishhook will also raise the earring up a little. For myself, I have a stash of stud earrings which were gifts, so am happy to find a creative use for them. I also keep an assortment of different earring backs to get the most secure fit possible. Feel free to use larger studs to get the substance you need; these are just what I had handy! Time to play!

altering earrings to suit you


Where to find your tools and findings

Art Beads   (tools and beads)

Firemountain Gems    (tools, beads, gems, etc.)

Dreamland Jewelry    (nice variety of chains)

Beading Supplies at Amazon(earring craft supplies)


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  • Thank you, Bernadette for providing this very resourceful post. I have a pair of earring that I have been thinking about altering and this has inspired me to get the job done. Now, I need to figure out what to do with all the lonely earrings that have managed to lose their partners.

  • Bernadette, I never would have thought to do this. What a difference your creative solution makes to the whole look of the earring and how it sits on the ear! Bravo for creativity and your simple explanation of how-to, can-do!

  • Brilliant, will try it. I’ve often thought the same myself and thought the solution might be a second piercing for a stud… But not sure I wanted another one.

  • Very clever Bernadette. I will have to investigate all my vintage earrings, they are the uncomfortable ones. Thanks got motivating me.

  • This is a great post, I have shortened a pair of earrings as I thought them too long and with the space a the top, not to my liking. i hVe not thought of adding another bead to fill the gap. great idea. Must try.

  • Well Done Bernadette! You have inspired me to work through my jewelry box and identify some great pieces that just aren’t working as they should. I plan to take a class at my local bead shop so I can do some basic fixes at home!

  • In my case I have limited options for allergy safe earrings as I’m allergic to both nickel and copper which is in a lot of metals. I just have to switch the ear wire with titanium or niobium.

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