It’s OK to Fiddle with Your Jewellery – Necklaces


how to fix your necklacesBy Bernadette Lis – Ms MakeItOver

Necklaces which are too short or too long can be fixed with a pair of pliers and a few “jump rings” (you can also use the same findings which came with the necklace).

jump rings

Necklace extenders for too short chains can be found at craft stores or you can add a bit of chain yourself. If you are like me and worry about too loose jewelry, use “split rings” (miniature of key ring type). They are a little trickier to maneuver but worth it if you worry (or if you have hair like mine which catches, pulls, and tosses everything!).

Collage 2015-04-11 05_49_55_kindlephoto-10433696I suggest that you have two pairs of flat-nose jewelry pliers (and one pair of split-ring pliers if you are going to use split rings). I also cannot recommend strongly enough that you hide your pliers from your hubby!

A great tutorial on opening a jump ring

A great tutorial showing you how to use split-ring pliers

Collage 2015-04-12 04_09_59_kindlephoto-45709341

Statement necklaces speaking just a bit too loudly?  This one which I ordered came as pictured but is too big in scale for me, too long, and the center medallion has humongous rhinestones.  Wow, is it a screamer!!  Serendipity made it with jump rings and in a way that I have two different looks which I now love (one more casual than the other) and I’ll put the center medallion away with my jewelry findings (a plastic compartmentalized box with lid).  Eventually it’ll get attached to an evening clutch or some other project (probably a kid’s costume).

Don’t be scared to try different pendants on the same chain for a variety of looks.

Collage 2015-04-12 04_54_01_kindlephoto-47628725


Different chain styles have different looks.  Some are more formal and some more casual.  Why not try changing yours to different chains and lengths to see what you like best?


Collage 2015-04-12 05_36_57_kindlephoto-57218275


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