Free to Do as I Please – 3 Month Bunion Surgery Update


The x-rays are in and my bones are healed up, so my orthopaedic surgeon has given me the all clear to run, jump and do as I please again.

This is great news and what is also great is that my toes are starting to move much more freely again as well.  There is still some tightness in my big toe as I walk (I still can’t bend them fully to 90 degrees) and I can go for walks around 3km at a time without too much pain.  I haven’t tried running again yet but it’s good to know that I don’t have to hold myself back anymore.

3 months post bunion surgery update

With summer here in Australia, it’s great that I’m enjoying wearing my summer sandals and can also slip on a ballet flat, as I don’t need to wear my orthotics all the time anymore.

The scar on the side of my foot is still tender, and I’m continuing to massage it daily to help improve this.  And I find some shoes rub on it, so I need to be careful of that.

My foot is still swollen and on hot days swells up more, but that’s no longer painful (just means I have to wear shoes that are a little looser so it has that space).  There is still a slight colour variation from right to left.

I’m doing lots of short walks so that I can really try to stretch out my big toe and get it back to being pain-free.  Being barefoot is also great too as it makes me really aware of standing with my weight on my foot evenly and pushing off with my toes when walking.

12 weeks post operative bunion surgery

If you look at the x-ray on the left – which was 6 weeks after the operation – you can still see more of where the big toe was cut (horizontal line in the middle of the staple) and then compare the two where you can see the healing that has happened in the bone below (just below the 2 screws).

Do I want to do it again to the other foot?  Not if I don’t have to!  I’m hoping that my left foot will hold out and I’ll not need to go down this route again.  But if I have to, I’ll do it.

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