How I’m Feeling 9 Weeks After Bunion Surgery


It’s now been a little over 9 weeks since I had my bunion surgery and I thought I’d give you an update.

What’s Changed in the Past 3 Weeks Since My Last Bunion Surgery Update

  • I can stand the bed covers weighing down on my toes, it’s now no longer uncomfortable and I don’t need to sleep with one foot out of the covers.
  • The scar pain has reduced significantly.  I have been regularly massaging the scar with firm pressure each day and it’s paying off.  Shoes that I couldn’t wear because of pressure on the scar are now wearable again (yay!)
  • Swelling continues to reduce – my foot still swells up during the day, but nowhere near as much as it did, and so more of my shoes are starting to fit again.
  • I can go for a walk, at almost a normal speed.  For most of the time since my operation, my walking speed was slow, with lots of limping.  My limp has now gone and I can go for walk  – up to around 2km at a time quite happily with only a bit of toe stiffness noticeable.
  • Just stopped having to wear my toe separator – this makes shoe selection and comfort even easier, I’m back in sandals which is great as summer is nearly here!
  • I’m loving being able to walk around the house barefoot, and this is really helping my toes gain back some of their flexibility.
  • I’m back at the gym and doing lots of core workouts as well as upper body weight bearing exercises, some lower body – but I’m not allowed to do anything high impact or put extra weight on my foot (so no squats with weights).

9 Weeks Post Bunion Surgery UpdateWhat’s The Same

  • Flats, no heels – I tried on some shoes with a low block heel – but there was still too much toe bend for them to be comfortable.
  • Daily toe therapy continues – I have to work on bending my toes at the base joint to get them to become more flexible.  Interestingly it’s my arthritic 2nd toe that is more painful and moves less, than my big toe that had the bunion and the major surgery.

I’ve been asked if the bunion surgery is worth it – and as yet I can’t say as I still have foot pain (and I currently can wear less shoes than prior to the operation).  So I’m keeping mum on that right now.

The after effect of being immobile for so long with my foot propped up is that my sciatica has flared up again, so I’m having to do a bunch of PT exercises for it (and am now using my bed tray on top of my desk to make it a standing desk, as sitting really flares up the sciatic pain.

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  • Thanks for keeping us updated! I’ve been watching this series closely because I have a bunion also, and it’s starting to affect my walking foot structure. Good to get reports from someone ahead of me in the game while I consider my future options.

  • So happy to hear you’re feeling better and starting to enjoy life again! It’s been a long, painful haul for you and summer is such a fun time.

    I’m so happy for you, Imogen.
    a faithful fan,

  • I am 2 weeks post op on my bunionectomy and the numbness is driving me crazy so reading your journey is giving me hope. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Imogen, I’m at week 6..argh. thanks for your updates. At what week could you jog? And wear heels (I have a wedding in late Oct)?

    • Jogging – 3 months – heels – not really wearing them (unless I’m going to sit down a lot), do lots of stretching of your toes – makes a difference!

  • Hi! Just finding this blog now, as I’m at 9.5 weeks post-surgery. Can you tell me more about scar tissue massage? I just started having scar tissue pain at week 9!

    • Massage is the thing to improve scar tissue pain – lots of it – I used biooil and also just vitamin E cream

  • So glad you documented your surgery I am 3 weeks today post surgery. The boot and not being able to drive ar3 the worst. I’m a very independent woman and I must admit I have had some rough days, I also can’t take pain medication so the first 2 weeks were hard. This gives me hope.

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