Bunion Surgery 2 Week Post-Operation Update


Warning – this post includes photos of my feet and scars.

It’s now been a couple of weeks since I had my bunion surgery and have discovered the answer to a question I’d been pondering…

Now that I have metal screws in my foot, would I automatically trigger the security sensors at airports?

Well, I discovered that the answer is no, as I took a trip to Brisbane on the weekend to attend the Australian Psych0logical Type conference and spend time with the lovely Jill Chivers making some new videos for your delectation.

If I’d had my time again (and I checked with my surgeon before I took the trip if it was advisable or not), I probably wouldn’t have booked a plane trip so close to surgery.  Sitting with my foot up at waist level or higher is fine.  But sitting with it down (as required on an aeroplane) became pretty torturous during that 2.5 hour trip, even wearing the compression stocking that I was given for my operation.

Fortunately, as I was mostly attending a conference, I could spend the majority of my time sitting with my foot up which eases the swelling and pain considerably.  Also moving my foot and ankle helps to minimise the swelling and pain and keep the blood circulating.

Speaking of pain, I wrote too soon that I could give up the hard drugs in my last post.  I found that daytime paracetamol was enough to dull the pain, as there were enough other things to distract me from the bone pain.  But at night when trying to sleep, I had to keep taking an opioid to allow for decent rest and sleep (so important for healing).

I stopped taking them overnight at my 2 week anniversary post-operatively, as the bone pain (a weird ache deep inside my foot) all but disappeared at that stage.  So now I only take a paracetamol when necessary and am trying out the Panadol Osteo option as it’s longer lasting (8 hours).

Working from my bed after bunion surgery

This week I’m easing back into doing some work, but still resting lots.  My plan is to work half a day at a time, so not to overdo it and put my recovery back.  Because I need to keep my leg up high, I can’t sit at my desk for more than 30 minutes at a time without pain (and the pain is all about swelling at the moment – it just makes my foot throb), so I’m propped up on my bed (I got myself this grey bed computer desk/tray) so that I can do some work in relative comfort.

And I can tell it’s going to come in handy even after this recovery period is over.

I was so happy to see my surgeon at the two-week mark and have the bandage removed, it was stiff and hard with dried blood (sorry to get graphic on you) that pressed against the wounds, so there was an immediate sense of relief upon removal.  My stitches were also removed and a dressing placed over the top for a few days (still showering with my foot in a cast protector sleeve as I wasn’t allowed to get my foot wet).

Now that the dressings are off I can shower regularly (though still recommended to not soak my foot until the wounds have completely healed up).


2 weeks post bunion surgery removal of stitches
Normal bunion surgery scar is just the one on the side of the foot at the big toe, I have two extra scars as my 2nd and third toes were also lifted as I’d been getting blisters on the ball of my foot between those toes. This is not part of a normal bunion operation.

But, be warned, after your foot has been bandaged up for weeks, well, there is a lot of dead skin that hasn’t been shed so now that’s gradually peeling away, and I do have a bit of a rub with a face cloth to try and remove as much as possible while in the shower.

My surgeon has recommended using lots of moisturiser or bio oil on the scars to promote healing and reduce scar tissue.  I’ve had to keep some tape on them as they haven’t quite healed up enough yet.

My foot is pretty bruised and sore – I have a massive bruise on the arch of my foot and also on my big toe as well as smaller bruises around the incision sites.   Because I had 4 toes operated on these all have felt quite numb, but feeling in my toes is starting to come back this week as the swelling is reducing.

My surgeon also made a toe separator, moulded to my foot, to keep my big and 2nd toes apart to promote healing in the right direction too.

Toe separator bunion surgery
The toe separator made from a soft rubbery compound moulded to fit between my toes and keep my big toe straighter as it heals.

I still don’t like the feeling of things pressing on my big toe, so I cut the top off a sock to wear during the day, and at night I’m still sleeping with my foot on a pillow or two but uncovered by any sheets or blankets.

I’m also starting with my physical therapy exercises to ensure that my joints get remobilised (as they are stiff), bending my toes upwards gently at the big toe joint (where the toe meets my foot) and holding for a few seconds at a time is that stage that I’m currently at.

Painted floral decoration on walking cane
I painted my thrifted walking cane with oil paints left over from my paint-by-numbers projects (and it gave me something to do)

I stopped needing crutches about 10 days after surgery and have now got a cane (found it at Savers thrift store for $5 and decided to decorate it).  I can easily walk without the cane, but have been advised by my doctor when out and about to take it  – more for safety and tripping, and using it for support if I’m tired.

Comparison of feet 2 weeks post bunion surgery - still some swelling
2 weeks post bunion surgery – right foot is still quite swollen.

You can see that my right foot is still quite swollen compared to my left, but it has gone down considerably in the past two weeks.

So there you have it.  Thanks for all your Netflix recommendations (have watched a few, read some books, and rested as much as possible).  And I’m really looking forward to the swelling going down to a point where I can sit up without having to have my foot up.

I have to keep wearing the post-operative shoe when walking for 4 more weeks and am not allowed to drive until I reach 6 weeks post-operative too (that is the biggest pain!).  I’ve found with the shoe that to keep my hips well balanced I have to wear a shoe on my left foot – something flat but with a sole that is around 1cm thick.

2 weeks post bunion surgery update


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  • Thanks for the report, Imogen. That is one straighter foot, but takes quite a lot of recovery. All best for smooth healing and regaining full range of movement. Bio oil is great for minimising scars.
    Re Netflix- one recommendation would be Secret City political thriller short series set in Canberra.

  • I have a bunion that will probably need surgery at some point, so I read this with interest. Not looking forward to it! Wishing you a speedy recovery

  • Your foot is looking very shapely for just two weeks out! The big toe separator is a great idea. And you get some relief and air on your foot. I had to wear a surgical boot in bed and out except for bathing for six weeks! Netflix? Wired in the Blood Series starring Robson Green.

  • Wow! Your right foot looks fabulous considering the traumatic surgery only a few weeks ago. Here’s to Happy Health & Healing ?.

    Did you polish the left toenails ☺️? I’ve found polished “piggies”, even just one foot, helps boost my mood; improves healing of body & Spirit.

    Love your painted walking stick with the cheery flowers. That’s a sweet idea. I use Nordic-Walking poles for stability & balance. TeeHee, I put ribbons & bells on them for Christmas/Winter and ribbons & flowers for Spring/Summer/Fall. Figure why not have fun & be unique!

    • Yes my foot is looking better – though it’s still quite swollen compared to my left, not that you can see it in the photos as it’s the ball of my foot that’s very swollen. Yes left foot has polish, not right foot at present (they made me take off polish for the operation). But I do love a polished toe!

  • I just read your blog I had bunion surgery 2 weeks ago so I kind of know what your going through. I still can’t walk on my foot I wish you all the best Reading your blog i feel has help me thankyou

    • So there with you Emma! It hurts for some time – but I’ve been told it gets better (it still hurts me some now – but no where as much as it did to start with!)

  • Wow your foot looks great for 2 weeks in. I am 2 weeks post surgery on both feet. It has been tough but not as bad as expected. Still some pain around toe joint when on feet too much. Trying to rest as much as possible but easier said than done with kids. App on Monday to get bandages off etc, nervous!! Good luck with rest of recovery

  • Hi

    About to have double bunion
    Surgery and have two kids. Dreading the downtime as I’m so active. Could you do anything? Cook? Clean? I’m not good sitting still!

    Thank you

    • First few days not much – but after that I could stand for longer and do some cooking. You really can’t do much and you’re supposed to have for the first 3 weeks your foot above your nose for 55 minutes of every hour!

  • I am 19 days post op bunion surgery, I am not a very patient patient, so independent and the being laid up with my leg in the air is sending me stir crazy! The pain is not bothering me (a lot easier now) I’m getting around in the Frankenstein boot but it’s throwing my balance out and I’m like a wonky donkey! Underneath my big toe is the most painful, it’s not allowing my foot to be completely flat, thus throwing my whole leg out! I can’t wait to be able to walk properly again. Sorry for moaning! Just needed to offload to fellow bunioners….

  • I too had surgery on my right foot Bunion and hammer toe correction Surgery was on 16th October so 12 days post op Not too much pain but then I am still using painkillers every 4-6 hours (roughly) I am going back to see my surgeon in 3 days I have a pin still protruding from the hammer toe that he corrected so hoping he will remove it I am getting around the house on crutches but more often I don’t bother with the crutches I heel walk on the operated foot I am going to ask the surgeon when I should return to work I was hoping maybe next week I work in an office so sitting most of the day However iI will have to commute and, with 2 good feet it takes approx 7 mins to walk from the station to my office My question is, will that be possible for me or am I being too optimistic? All advice greatly appreciated

  • I’m 2 1/2 weeks post surgery on both feet. Have tried to do too much the last few days, and am regretting it due to pain and swelling. The thing that has been most helpful to me has been a hand held vibrating massager- it’s like a miracle! It has helped with the swelling and gives me better pain relief than the opiates did (although I’m still doing regular Panadol). Your foot looks great Imogen – good luck with rest of your recovery, and thank you for sharing the journey 😍

  • Hi! This has been helpful. I had my 2 week post op yesterday and he x rayed and said it’s looking good. I’m now allowed to bear a little more weight – of course all night I had this minor throb in what felt like the “bunion area” but it’s was enough to disturb my sleep. I’m off the heavy pain meds because they upset my stomach so I’m just taking extra strength Tylenol and may stagger it w Advil today. Did you sometimes feel worried when you hadn’t had pain and then would have some pain? I’m sure I didn’t do anything wrong just feeling anxious and also sleepy! I have to go back to my office Monday and just also probably nervous about That. Any wisdom is welcome!!

  • I just had bunion surgery yesterday morning around 9:00. My foot is still totally numb. I have bumped it accidentally and felt nothing. Was this the same for you in first 24 (?) hours. My Doctor didn’t say anything about it being numb for so long. But I my boy experiencing pain at this point so that is great. Maybe it’s just new medicines.

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