How to Look Modern, Sophisticated and Stylish as You Age


How to Look Modern, Sophisticated and Stylish as You Age - discover your sophisticated style
Following on from our video on the subject of ageing and style, we were asked by a reader to discuss the topic of ‘age and staying classy’ particularly when stores offer so many clothes that are more appropriate for a youth market.

Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss how sophistication is more relevant and achievable for the more mature person.

How to Have a More Sophisticated Style

  • Find fabrics that stand the test of time and are more refined that will add sophistication.
  • Elements of design that are appropriate for the very young versus the more mature, such as frills which appear regularly on children’s clothing
  • Styles of prints and patterns that are more stylised, for example, florals are available for all ages and stages, but how they are expressed can make a garment look younger or more sophisticated.
  • Expressing the boldness and confidence of maturity, as you no longer feel that you have to please everyone around you as you grow into who you are
  • Expressing your personality through your dress rather than dressing to be someone else (or to please others primarily)
  • Embracing you as you age

Jill mentions the book The Lost Art of Dress and talks about how it impacted her thoughts on age and style.  You can read Jill’s review and thoughts about the book here.

How have you found your style change with age?

One of the common issues which we mentioned in a previous video is dealing with the body shape changes that occur with age and often we have to learn to dress a whole new body shape, learn new style ‘rules’ and guidelines and adjust our expectations of how we will look.

Plus personality changes and lifestyle aspects also change our wardrobe needs.  We continue to grow and change our entire lives and it’s never to late to learn what will work for you now (rather than last week, month, year or decade) and the reason I wrote my 7 Steps to Style program, to help you understand what really works for you today!

7 steps to style solve the style puzzle

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  • Right on, girls!
    Ageing is to be celebrated, weight gain and all. This is the best time in a woman’s life, freedom from scrutiny, comparison, friercely independent and able to live your life on your own terms. I love it! Yes I’ll continue to strive to dress the best and most flattering way I can, but it’s for me only.
    If glancing admirers happen to enjoy what they see along the way all the better!
    You girls are the best!
    A faithful fan,

  • Your blog helped me take more interest in fashion, and showed me how to select what suits me best. I would love to learn more from your expertise, but I can’t do so from video presentations.

    I vastly prefer reading, going back to articles, even taking notes. I wish you would consider offering articles that summarize video content for those of us who do not enjoy or profit from videos.

    I make this suggestion with thanks for the difference your suggestions and examples have made to my wardrobe.

    • I try and put some of the tips from the video into the post – there are lots of other posts (often topics have been covered more than once on the blog over the years), plus I put links to relevant posts to read as well. I know not everyone likes video!

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