Why Cover Bands Don’t Change the World


Many of us compare our styles to others (and often find our own style somehow, lacking, in our eyes).  We can feel we are not creative, sophisticated, elegant, bold, feminine, relaxed (pick your word and insert it here) enough.  We think that our outfits just aren’t good enough.

Now I know that it’s very easy to fall into this trap.  The mass media is always comparing and contrasting to create ‘conflict’ or ‘drama’ and it has become something that is normalised so much we barely notice it.

I recently read a book called “The Accidental Creative” which included this thought:

Cover bands don’t change the world

Why Cover Bands Don't Change the World


And I realised that this thought can be applied to your style, not just music, art or any other thing you do or create.

When we think about it, what we love most, is originality.

This is why the music of bands who write, create, play  their own music, rather than covering the songs of another band, are the ones who go down in history, the ones who do change the world.

This is why we love women like Iris Apfel and the Advanced Style ladies as they express themselves without trying to look like anyone else than themselves.


"When you don't dress like everyone else you don't have to think like everyone else" Iris Apfel


So rather than feeling like you should be copying someone else’s style.  Why not be an original?  Your style is yours and it doesn’t have to be the same as another’s.

When you embrace your personality and reflect it through your own outfits, you are communicating what is important about you to the world, and that is truly stylish.

You are unique.  You are the only version of you (even your identical twin is not you).

Sure we can all get inspiration from others.  And copying or emulating can help you learn why something does or doesn’t work (if you’re analysing what they’re doing which can be a really useful activity to do if you’re trying to learn more about how to put together outfits and accessories) but most frequently, it’s the personality shining through an outfit that makes it, more than anything else.

This is why we feel comfortable in an outfit that expresses us – who we truly are – I love this comment from one of my 7 Steppers Tracey who wrote:

“I’m such an eager beaver! I’m absolutely loving 7 Steps. I have had a real-life colour consultation and a real-life style consultation before yet still something was missing. Despite knowing what colours suit me I had no idea how to put them together. I had no idea how to address the classic side of my style without being starchy and unapproachable, I had no idea I had to encompass relaxed and feminine details within that classic element to make up ‘Tracey’ and I certainly didn’t anticipate the aspects of contrast and colour.” 

It warms my heart and fills me full of happiness when I get to watch women doing my programs find themselves, find their inner core, discover elements of their personality and learn how to express them through their style.  I see their confidence grow and they look visibly happier.

Being one-of-a-kind is the true way to finding your style.


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