Forgot All About It – Weekend Style Challenge


Forgotten all about it - weekend style challenge


This weekend, your style challenge is to go to the back of your drawers, shelves and wardrobe, fossick around and find something that you had forgotten about (or haven’t worn in ages) and wear it.  It could be anything in your wardrobe, from a garment to an accessory.

Style it up (or if you’ve got a few, why not do this challenge with more than one piece) to your current style recipe.

Find a way to wear it. See how you feel after wearing it for a day and then you can decide if it’s still earning a place in your wardrobe, or you’ve been holding onto it for no reason.

Do you not wear it because it pushes you out of your style comfort zone?  Well, I know from experience this can be a good thing, and your comfort zone will expand if you stretch yourself (read this great blog post by Brenda Kinsel on this matter), it’s the reason I created my Evolve Your Style program as it really does work to get you out of your style rut.

I can’t tell you how many times when I’ve been doing wardrobe therapy when I find a fabulous piece that the owner had forgotten all about.

Sometimes thinking about styling it differently will give it a new lease of life too.

Sometimes you realise that really it’s dated, not you anymore, or it doesn’t suit you (which is why it was relegated to the back of the closet) and you’re then totally happy to let it go.

Share your outfits with us over on the Style Lounge or on Instagram (tag me @insideoutstyleblog #weekendstylechallenge #insideoutstyle).

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