Inside Out Style Readers Favourite Blog Posts


inside out style readers favourite blog posts

More Inside Out Style readers nominate their favourite blog posts here.  What would you add to this list?  Please share in the comments!

Lucie – I would nominate the Fibonacci blog post as my favourite – it was a real aha moment as to why some things ‘felt’ wrong and I had to get changed! Love the Chanel quote on proportions.

If you’re interested in Fibonacci numbers and maths this is a fascinating and short TED talk
Bernadette – I think the two blogs about contrast levels are used more than anything else when anyone seems to feel that their clothing choices are off and they can’t figure out why.

3 Easy Steps on finding your ideal contrast levels

Real Life Examples of dressing to your contrast


Jelena – I can’t choose a single post that had the most impact, but the sentence “You don’t have a waist and never going to have it” or something like that was a true eye opener for me.

The most important posts for me were about the H body shape, short waist and petite tips, as they overlap. Also posts about body proportions, column of colour, especially the inner column, balance points for jewellery and leg elongation (the blue dress post). And the one about neutrals for cool brunettes.


Jessie – 3 of my favourite blogs that I keep going back to again and again are

And I just loved this TED talk about taking photos (cos you know I think taking photos can be a really useful tool to hone your style!)

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  • Just to add to the chorus, the posts on color and value contrasts were my all-time favorites. Thx to the models who participated — so generous and very much appreciated. These are just some of the posts in which you give information and principles that I find nowhere else. For me, the other big breakthrough ideas were the figure 8 (most schemas only include an X) and how to correlate jewelry to your face shape and length.

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