How to Get Yourself Out the Door Looking Stylish in Minutes


how to get out the door looking stylish in minutes

Are you a busy mum who has no time to look after herself as she has to look after the needs of the kids?   It can be hard when you have others that you have to look after as well as yourself, to stay stylish, but it’s certainly not impossible with a touch of planning.  Or your kids may have grown (or you never had kids) but you still struggle in looking stylish every day, don’t fear, you are not alone!

Here are my top 10 tips for helping you get out the door each day looking stylish

1. Plan your outfit the night before – get it out of the wardrobe, check it’s clean and pressed, find the accessories you need to go with it and hang them on the hanger so you don’t have anything to think about when you’re getting up and dressed and people want your attention.  This is one of the benefits many of my Evolve Your Style members have mentioned to me – that they have a plan of what to wear the night before so they don’t have to think about it when they are in the middle of the morning rush.

2. Make sure you accessorise – remember that accessories can make a plain outfit more interesting – whatever it is!  If you have some beauty bundles pre-organised it is easy to quickly accessorise each day.

3. Update  your wardrobe seasonally – many women who have busy lives end up putting themselves and their wardrobes last.  The kids get new clothes but you hardly ever do because you just don’t have time to shop for yourself (alone!).  Make sure at least once each new season you take some time out for yourself to update a few items in your wardrobe to keep you looking fresh and stylish. If you’ve been wearing the same jeans now for 7 years, it’s time to invest in some new ones as you are likely in a style rut.  Remember that clothes are like milk and they go off, not only do they end up looking tatty and old (and if you’re wearing scruffy old clothing, you too will look scruffy and old), but they also date.

4. Get a hairstyle you can do fast and easily – a stylish hairdo makes a huge difference to your whole look.  Let your hairdresser know your limits – how much time you have each day to spend grooming your hair, that way they can cut it with that knowledge, plus ask them to show you the best way to style your hair yourself.   Then do your hair, every day, spend that 3 minutes each morning making it look stylish!

5. Wear some makeup – you don’t have to do a full makeup but even a little mascara if you don’t have dark lashes or some lipstick can make you look more put-together and finished.  It doesn’t have to take much time – seriously you can do it in 3 minutes or less – hair and makeup in under 10 minutes a day is totally achievable and we can all find that time!

6. Buy easy care clothing – if it needs dry cleaning or special attention you are less likely to wear it.  Check care labels before  you buy so you know you can throw it into the machine with all your other clothes.  Hang your wet clothes on hangers and then on the washing line, that way when you’re bringing them in, they can go straight into the cupboard hung up.  I love the velour hangers then I don’t have to worry about them slipping off in the breeze.

7. Make sure your shoes aren’t looking scruffy – polish shoes to keep them looking good.  In general I’d advise wearing leather shoes, they can be fixed easily and improved upon.  Many synthetic shoes once they are scuffed can’t be fixed.

8. Cover up – if your kids are still young and often have messy hands, then wear a dressing gown over your clothes until you are about to leave the house, that way any breakfast foods don’t make it onto your clean clothes before  you get out of the house!


quick and easy style to get you out the door


quick and easy style to get you out the door by imogenl featuring Verily side drape dress

9. Have a ‘go-to’ uniform as such.  Plan some outfits that you know you look good in, know the accessories you wear with them, that way when you’re rushed you can reach for your stylish ‘go-to’ outfits and feel good.  Even adding a knit jacket over a tee and jeans, throwing on a scarf and some boots or ballet flats will make you look stylish rather than frumpy.  A little structure in your clothes can go a long way!  A dress is a great item to wear as it makes you look stylish and means you only have to decide on one item rather than more!

10. Size matters  – yes you may be losing the baby-weight and not back into your pre-pregnancy size, but if you’re wearing outsized clothes you will never look stylish.  You may need to invest in some in-between sizes clothes.  This is fine and not a waste of money.  Some new well-fitting jeans and tops can make you feel so much better than slobbing around in old-tracksuit pants.  Funky leggings and a tunic are easy to wear and comfortable when they fit well.  Don’t get stuck in your maternity clothes or in sizes that are no longer relevant to the body you have today.

What tips do you have that help you get up and out quickly and easily looking stylish?  Please share!



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