Express Yourself: Romance Was Born Kids Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria


express yourself romance was born
Wearing my Romance was Born top


I decided to take my daughter and a friend of hers to experience the Express Yourself: Romance Was Born exhibition for children at the National Gallery of Victoria this weekend.

IMG_9122Firstly before we even got into the exhibition she enjoyed experiencing the waterfall window at the front of the gallery, and lying on the floor gazing up at the Leonard French ceiling in the gallery (as well as taking a ride on the golden carousel).

romance was born for kids
Wearing their crowns


The Express Yourself exhibition was great as it was so colourful and hands on.  The kids made paintings on ipads, as well as designed a necklace (though my daughter and her friend preferred to wear them as crowns).

They loved seeing the intricate clothing articles that were displayed too and we spent a good hour in the exhibition.

romance was born
We all loved this Romance Was Born dress


The exhibition is on until 12 April, so if you have kids who may be interested, take them down!

Some gorgeous Romance Was Born designed shoes
Some gorgeous Romance Was Born designed shoes


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