How to Look Smart When You Prefer to Dress Relaxed



Hi Imogen,
I have a question about the relationship between the individual style and dress codes. My personal style is more on the Natural side and I often scratch my head how to coordinate it with the dress codes associated with more traditional settings or more formal situations. By its very nature, Natural Clothing Personality has the elements that are best suited for the relaxed dress code situations. How can these two categories interact?
Thank you

If you think about the elements of what makes a more classic/formal dress code, and take those elements but translate them into more relaxed fabrics (comfortable), you are already most of the way there.  You will find if you read this post How to Lose the Suit and Still Command Attention you will get some great tips.

Top Tips for Feeling Relaxed but Looking More Formal

Natural in a Classic environment


  1. Keep fabrics smooth rather than nubby, as traditional classic suiting is all about smooth and more crisp fabrics.
  2. Keep patterns minimal
  3. Add a jacket made from a knit fabric that will give you more presence but still make you feel comfortable
  4. Keep shoes polished and look for smart low heel versions that work well with your pants and skirts, such as knee high boots for skirts and oxfords or loafers with your pants.
  5. Add a scarf or necklace to finish off your outfit and draw attention to your portrait area.

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  • Imogen, the link: How to Lose the Suit and Still Command Attention isn’t working. Just thought I’d let you know. ~Helen

  • Thank god I work in more casual offices where jackets are certainly not required! (Most men wear a shirt, no tie, optionally with a sweater, and occasionally you see a suit.) I’m a relaxed/creative type.

    Hurray for flat boots, accessories, and lower textures 🙂

  • I love this capsule , the ‘Capsules for your life – relaxed business’ and your one of warm weather but in autumn or warm colours.

    Any idea what kind of style I am? Or maybe I am just obsessed with capsules?

    Thank you

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