What to Wear When you Don’t Have Great Legs


Hi, I live in drought-ridden California (SF Bay Area) and am bracing for very hot weather this spring and summer. Even now, in mid-February, it’s in the 70s. What do you suggest a woman who is over 55 like me and not proud of her legs anymore wear in terms of dresses and shorts. I used to have great legs and am no longer willing to wear short skirts or dresses. I love your blog. Thanks very much.


what to wear when you don't have great legs

Options for hot climates when you don’t love your legs can be a bit hard!

1. Fake tan your legs – it will disguise many skin variations and veins

2. Loose trousers – linen or cotton

3. Create a focal point on your top half to draw attention upwards and away from your legs

4. Nude shoes with skirts or dresses so your shoes don’t draw attention to your legs

5. Keep shorts, skirts and dresses no shorter than the lower part of your knees

6. Maxi dresses and skirts can be fun

8. For knee-length skirts, keep the colours darker and neutral so they don’t become the focal point


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  • Thank you for this collection and tips! Summers in Indiana are nothing if not changeable and very very humid. My legs are just not that attractive any more and I have a lot of problems getting the proportions correct – the nude sandal/shoe would help keep my leg line longer. Last summer I switched to wearing full loose cotton trousers, but skirts continue to mystify me. Now to figure out the skirt shape . . .

  • Imogen, I’m so thrilled you answered my question. What a great surprise! ‘Love the tips, too. It’s also nice to know I’m probably not the only one in this boat. Thanks.

    • Tracy, It’s two years after your comments. Like you, & as a more senior woman, I find skirts/dresses even at knee length are, to me anyway, unbecoming.
      I’m in the process, thanks to this helpful blog of transitioning my wardrobe to smart casual. I’m searching for casual maxis which also have sleeves, & higher neckline … Not easy where I live in Tasmania.

  • I’m always confused about what length of top to wear if I’m wearing shorts at knee length. I always feel that I’m cutting myself in two.

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