7 Easy Ways to Use Visual Grouping to Coordinate Colours


I do have another question. The first time I ever saw your blog was in a post about visually framing your outfits–matching your shoes to your hair.  This was another epiphany! I am a very visual person, and this makes so much sense to me. I have blond hair. Does this mean I should never wear black shoes, or are you saying that if I have a choice, to choose shoes that tonally match my hair? Even if I’m wearing black pants? I wear a lot of black, and my favorite shoes are black (including my cowboy boots! just like in your sample outfits in this particular post). How would you advise that I apply this information to my clothing choices?


Wearing a shoe in your hair colour is one way of doing visual grouping.  It’s particularly useful when you are wearing a light coloured outfit and you don’t have matching shoes, and if you don’t have dark brown or black hair, your black shoes look out of place.

But when you think about it – visual grouping is all about working with colours in a harmonious way.  You can:

Match your shoes to:

  1. your hemline – skirt/dress or pant
  2. your hosiery
  3. your skin
  4. your hair
  5. your scarf
  6. your necklace
  7. your top

So if you’re wearing black pants and want your legs to look longer – match your shoes to your pants (ie wear black shoes).

If you are wearing beige trousers and want your legs to look longer – match your shoes to your pants (ie wear beige shoes).

Choosing Shoe Colour

If you are wearing a red necklace and a yellow dress, your options for shoes would be:  red, yellow, skin colour or your hair colour!

It really is that simple.  Just match your shoes to something in your outfit and you’ll be doing some visual grouping!


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