Christmas Themed Dressing and Accessorizing – The Dos and Don’ts


Thanks to you, Imogen, I never worry about my wardrobe. Its like having a guardian angel at my finger tips.
I would like some advice for Christmas accessorizing. Working around children, I like to do the red and green thing but still need to go among adults to do the banking, shopping etc. Your input would be appreciated.
Thanks again,

Celebrate Christmas in Style

Fortunately, Christmas themes don’t just revolve around red and green.  Rather than just wearing red and green, or heavily themed items, think about looking for symbols such as snowflakes that are still related to Christmas, but less obvious.  Look for pieces that are Christmas themed without being quite so obvious or overt.   That way, you can show the kids that you’re in the Christmas spirit, but still happily go to the shops after work wearing your Christmas themed items and not look obtrusive.

If you want to dress in the traditional red and green, consider these ways of making it less over the top.


Dressing in Red and Green


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  • I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of the items on the right unless it was a specified “christmas decorations only” dress-up party and then it would be a stretch! Also the red and green aren’t in my colour range, so they are colours I’m not fussed on anyway.
    However I would consider the snowflake pendant necklace as a great alternative to adding some christmas cheer!

  • Thank you SO much, Imogen. Your ideas ( as always) are appropriate. I can easily adapt them to 40 degree temperatures. That’s why I trust you. None of your advice is cut and dried. I shall have fun accessory shopping! Shame you can’t come too.

  • I love the more subtle nod to Christmas themed dressing. Bowed shoes (like the ones you showed here) are really speaking to me right now. They make me think of presents under the tree.

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