Style a Skirt – FABruary Style Challenge


Rear detail on my skirt, and the necklace I paired it with

I love skirts. If you have short legs, they make them look longer. If you have a long rise, or a curvier butt and find it hard to find trousers that fit, they are so much easier to fit. They can be made from casual or formal materials, dressed up or down. What’s not to love?

Skirt Tips:

If you have shorter legs proportionally, keep your skirts to no longer than just below the knee, unless you’re going with a maxi skirt.

If you have longer legs, you can wear the midi skirt, but will find that you may need a heel with it.


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Tricky Trend – the midi skirt

Skirt hems


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  • I don’t wear skirts very often these days, because I find dresses and trousers easier to style into an outfit. I wore today my favourite skirt, a long fishtail skirt in black, which is very much me. I dressed it down with a black shirt and a purple knitted vest.

  • I planned my outfit last night, but the weather beat me today. It was cold and wet so I wore jeans until I got back home again, then I donned my skirt! I hope that isn’t cheating?

    I love your skirt and the way the necklace echoes the pattern on your skirt.

  • I have a really hard time styling skirts – Somehow the proportions are really difficult for me. I’m an H shape, and on the tall side (about 5’9″), so my legs and body are both long-ish. Do you have articles that you’ve written on finding the write skirt shape and length for your body? (I found the skirt hem one – I’m looking more for how to make a skirt and top combo that is proper proportions and a flattering shape)

      • If you wore black tights with your boots you would break up your proportions less and add more length. It would mean that you’d appear to have a long part in ground to waist then a shorter top half. As the dark of boots and tights would blend with dark skirt.

        I like option 2 best as its the tucking that really doesn’t work and the top is slightly lose over a skirt with volume and length. That skirt length is hard to wear for most without high heels.

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