How to Make a Skirt Look More Casual


How to make a skirt look more casual

Olga wrote and asked me how to look as casual as possible in skirts -so today I’m sharing my tips in this short video.

What do you like to wear with skirts to make them look less formal?  Share your tips.


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  • Wow!! Thank you very much Imogen! 🙂 Makes my day!

    I will try using these tips. I already wear knit tops, so a jean skirt should really be doable. As an X I should be wearing skirts for sure. I have some maxi skirts which I wear with flat shoes, but that look is a bit of an attention grabber since so few people do it, so I am looking for something more usual.

    Thanks again,

  • cute skirt! i really love the idea of wearing a casual skirt as a change from jeans, but as an H shape i have a really hard time wearing skirts. actually it was not until i figured out (here!) what my shape is that i was able to really identify my skirt problem – they always ride up, because i have no waist! any recommendations, imogen, for how H’s can comfortably wear skirts? (so far i have given up and turned to dresses.)

    • Duchesse ah Blunnies. Now there is a happily forgotten fashion trend. Though I’m sure they’ll be back again with the rise of Dr Martins which are back in fashion again!

  • Hi Imogen,
    You have such fabulous style. I am just wondering where you got the gorgeous necklace? I have been looking for something similiar (to wear with a navy dress) for awhile now. Kind regards, Sophie

    • Hi Sophie,

      The necklace was from Kate Hill but I bought it a couple of years ago and they no longer do jewellery. There is so much great costume jewellery around, I’m always keeping my eyes out – many clothing stores do a bit which is worth going in to look at, even if you don’t buy the clothes there, as are places like Diva and even Target which you can pick up some great fun pieces at really reasonable prices.

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