Boot Up – FABruary Style Challenge


Ankle boots

I’m wondering why I decided to put boots into the FABruary style challenge as we’re having a bit of a hot summer here this year. Still for all my northern hemisphere readers I’m sure this will be much more fun for you!

There are lots of different boot styles. Flats, heels, ankle boots, motorbike boots etc.  You can wear boots with skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, shorts…

Flat knee-high boots


Heeled boots



Boots with Jeans

One of my favourite casual winter outfits is to wear boots with jeans.  They keep my legs warm and balance my hips.

If you have wider calves, knee-high boots will make your legs look longer and leaner.  You can get them in multiple calf widths these days – try or  just for starters.


How to wear mid-calf boots

Tips on wearing boots with skinny jeans

How to choose boots for your body shape

How to make a boot spring to hold your boots up straight

What to wear with boots


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  • Hi Imogen,
    Boots! Whatever were you thinking??! BUT, it has made me think ahead to Winter and a style that I’d like to adopt, and that’s ankle boots with skirts or dresses. What style of ankle boot do you think I should look out for given that I tend to wear full, knee length skirts (love the 1950s style)?
    Many thanks for your help.

  • Boots should have been an ideal challenge for me, except that it was sunny and warm today, so not really boot weather! I love your boots – especially the flat knee-high pair. What brand are they, and do they come in multiple calf widths?

  • True, this was no challenge for someone living in Finland, for example. 🙂 The good thing about this one was, however, that I wore today my favourite knee-high boots, which I hadn’t been wearing for ages. It’s too icy and slippery outside, so I packed them in a bag and wore them only indoors at work.

  • Hi Imogen love your blog. Love your dresses especially the printed dress with the ankle boots & the dress with the flat knee high boots. Where are the dresses from?
    Many thanks Tracey

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