GHD Pink Cherry Blossom Straightener Review


The peeps at GHD sent me the latest limited edition styler to review. Each October GHD put out a pink styler and donate $20 to Breast Cancer research.

My hair before – in it’s natural state, damp from the shower but starting to wave and frizz

I have been using a hair straightener for years, I’ve found that my hair which has a kink to it, ends up looking a bit frizzy on top after I blow dry and especially as I’m getting greyer and greyer my hair is getting coarser and more fuzz ends up on the top of my head.


My hair afterwards – no product added to smooth the frizz

I’d asked my hairdresser about GHD and if there really is a big difference in them and other hair straighteners and he had said that he thought they were way better than the others, so I was keen to give them a go.

  • They heat up really quickly (my old straighteners would take 2 minutes to heat), these heat in seconds.
  • What I found when using them was that they are much smoother to use and my hair does end up straighter.
  • And I love the pink plates.  Pink is my happy colour, so it’s one little detail that makes me happy now each time I do my hair!

If you want to get your own, you can get them fromGHD online.


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