How to Choose a Flattering Swimsuit


how to choose a swimsuit to flatter your body shape

If you need to choose a new swim suit for this summer here are some options finding a pair of swimmers that flatters your body shape.

swimsuits for your body shape


  • If you want to hide your stomach look for a suit that is either darker over the stomach area than either the bottom or chest area, or find one that has ruching through the stomach.
  • If you want to make your bottom look smaller look for a suit with either a darker bikini area or a skirted suit.
  • If you want to make your bust look fuller find a swimsuit with a top that is either lighter than the bottom,  is patterned on the top, or has frills or flounces over the bust area.
  • Don’t forget to highlight your assets, so if you have a waist enhance it with detail at the waist.
swimwear tips


  • If you have a long body you may find that a tankini rather than one piece is easier to fit whilst still providing coverage.
  • High cut legs holes will make your legs look longer.
  • A busy print is distracting and can stop the eye from focusing on any particular part of your torso.
  • Create curves with horizontal detail and frill detail.
  • Clever colour blocking can help create the illusion of a waist


Finding the Right Swimsuit For Your Body Shape

If you’re not sure about your body shape, you can take my Body Shape Calculator Quiz and then download your Body Shape Bible, which gives you tips on how to dress your shape.  Or if you’d like my professional opinion, you can do my 7 Steps to Style program which includes body shape analysis.

whats my body shape


8 Shape – the 1950s shape is great for your figure.  The high waisted bikini, the one piece with a sweetheart neckline.  Highlight that lovely waist of yours in your choice.

I Shape – so many options for you.  Strategic cutouts can give you the illusion of more curves.  Patterns can add interest detail.  Horizontal stripes work for you.

A Shape – darker bottoms and lighter or brighter tops will make your bottom less of a focus and pull attention upwards.  Avoid halternecks which narrow your shoulders.

X Shape – highlight your naturally curvy and balanced figure with waist detail.

H Shape – Use panelling to create the illusion of a waist.  Ruched one-pieces also work well to hide any tummy bulges.

O Shape – look for styles that have light, bright or patterned bikini top areas, with darker and plain torsos.

V Shape – balance your broader shoulders with horizontal details at the hips such as boy leg shorts, and then draw attention into your face with a halterneck.


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  • I shrink away from swimsuits, and usually wear board shorts with a sporty top, but that Betsey Johnson suit is so adorable. She has a store in Orlando, and I may have to check it out!

  • Do you have tips for us unfortunate 8-shapes who dread the bikini season due to our wide, high hips? I'm quite slim, but always look heavier than I am in a swimsuit/bikini because I never can seem to find a good cut. I'm thinking those retro swimsuits might be good, considering they both have the room and support for big breasts too. What disguises the high hips the best for a bikini? High waisted, short waisted, high or skirted leg holes?
    Thank you in advance!

    • I’m high waisted too and I’m so self conscious! I’m very small but I look thicker in pictures because of my hips. I honestly have no idea what type of bathing suit to wear.

  • I too would be intrigued just what us 8s should go for. Not a single tip here! I’ve just googled Beyonce in a bikini and I have to say she looks a bit on the large side whatever bikini she wears.. 🙁

  • Without having seen this guide, I bought the very swimsuit that is suggested for the V shape (in fact, it’s an Australian brand!) because I was curious and wanted to give this style a try. Turns out, I look amazing in it! The only problem is, I’m not a V shape :p I’m an hourglass. Is it possible that this particular style would also look good on hourglasses with larger bust?

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