What’s Your Favourite Flavour of Icing?


accessorizingAccessories are the icing on the clothing cake.  Cake is nice enough by itself, but so much more delectable with some icing.   If you look at women you think dress stylishly, most likely there will be an accessory or two that makes the outfit work and adds that interest, that detail, that spark of excitement to it.

izoa eye necklaceI am known as someone who wears necklaces, I never used to (before I became an image consultant) as I didn’t realise the power it had to visually alter my appearance (makes my bust look smaller), but also wearing a necklace adds interest to what might otherwise be a more utilitarian outfit.

A great pair of shoes will also make the difference between stylish and shlumpy.

statement ring

I also love a statement ring and have them in all sorts of materials including glass and resin as well as metals.

I love accessories I wrote a book on them – The Finishing Touch: Perfecting the Art of Accessorizing

Deja Pseu has her signature accessory as a scarf, Duchesse is pearls.  What is your favourite flavour of accessory icing?


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  • Earrings, definitely. I found that a great pair of earrings is priceless, especially when wearing your hair back like I do, most of the time.

  • I'm also a necklace person. I have my one perfect-fitting silver cuff bracelet that doesn't get in the way when I work, so I rarely change it out for anything else (I even sleep in this sucker) and over the years I've discovered I don't like earring drama. What's left? Necklaces! I can wear big dramatic ones on my vast expanse of upper chest but I also like little delicate ones and everything in between.

  • Jewelry, of course, is my signature accessory. It can be a statement necklace, earrings or cuff bracelet depending on my outfit. I also wear big bold brooches which few women do today.

  • I love shoes, if I can find ones which are both comfortable and stylish. Too often, I 'slip up' there and end up donating them. Necklaces are much safer territory for me… and I wish I were better with belts and scarves.

  • As a pear shaped person (heavier at the bottom, and with a small bust) I like to wear interesting necklaces, but also a bright/contrasting jacket with darker pieces underneath. This draws the eye up to the face and makes it less obvious that I am a size bigger around the hip/thigh area. I have a riotous collection of large brightly coloured necklaces, and bright or even printed jackets, bu have learned to avoid pattern on my pants/skirts.

  • Do I have to pick just 1???? Sometimes my outfit calls for a great bracelet, other times a statement necklace. I wear diamond studs nearly all the time, but I don't like getting stuck in a rut, either. I confess I have a love affair with brooches, pinned to my denim jacket! And don't even get me started on my handbag collection. The world is just not big enough!

  • Hi Imogen – do you mind elaborating on using necklaces to give your bust a smaller appearance? The link in the post is giving me a 404 error. Thanks!

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