What’s the Personality of Your Shoes?


How do your shoes communicate?  What is the personality dressing style of your shoes?

In this video with Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe, we discuss and show examples of different shoe styles and elements of shoes so you can learn how to interpret your shoes and what they are communicating.

What are The Design Elements of Different Personality Styles?

I’m sharing here some of the different design elements of shoes that you may see.  Some more common, some less so, plus some examples of different shoe styles and their predominant personality dressing style.

Personality of Pumps

Pumps are a more naturally Classic and Feminine personality style of shoe (men don’t wear pumps!).  But still, within pumps there are a range of different elements you may see which communicate elements of personality dressing styles.
Understanding the personality of shoes

Elements You May Find in Shoes

Classic Shoes most commonly have:

  • Almond Toe
  • Leather
  • Matte finish
  • Stacked heel
  • Medium height
  • Simple design
  • Black/navy in colour

Relaxed Shoes most commonly have

  • Flat or low heel
  • Square toe or wide toe box
  • Thicker sole
  • Matte finish
  • Leather, suede or canvas
  • Cork heels
  • Stacked heel (if heel)
  • Simple design
  • Natural colours
  • Low Heel, curved or square toe – relaxed

Dramatic Shoes most commonly have:

  • High heels
  • Stiletto heels
  • Fine sole or platform sole
  • Bright colour
  • Patent finish
  • Bold detail

Creative Shoes most commonly have:

  • Unusual design detail
  • Interesting/unusual heel design
  • Unusual colour combination
  • Quirky detail

Rebellious Shoes most commonly have:

  • Metalware or studding
  • Edgy design elements
  • High heel or flat and chunky
  • Skull or tattoo style motifs

Feminine Shoes most commonly have:

  • Light colours
  • Soft finish
  • Delicate detail
  • Curvy patterns
  • Frills, sparkles, bling, lace
  • Bows
  • Curved toes
  • Fine soles
  • Ankle straps
  • Fine straps

Elegant Chic Shoes most commonly have:

  • Lighter colours
  • Softer finish
  • Grown-up glamour
  • Detailed elements
  • Quality finish
  • Slimmer heels and soles

Understanding the personality of shoes

You can see in each of these illustrations of shoe styles, from pumps, to loafers to ankle boots, there are design elements that are more unique to each personality dressing style.  Many shoes are a combination of features but may have a dominant personality trait that is the most obvious.

Understanding the personality of shoes

I’ve noticed that most of my shoes come from the more Feminine style (as their basis) but have elements of Relaxed and Dramatic.  I know for me that I can only wear exercise style sneakers when I’m actually doing exercise (I feel very uncomfortable in them wearing jeans, they just feel too clumpy and dressed down).

If you’d like to understand all about your personality and how it influences your choice in clothing, accessories, grooming and of course shoes – this is the first step in my 7 Steps to Style program and I think one of the most valuable things you can ever learn about style as it gives you an insight into why you like what you like and dislike what you do.  Understanding personality dressing styles really stops you purchasing so many of the wrong clothes as you know that some design details just aren’t ‘you’ and also empowers you to express your best personality with confidence through your outfits each day.

What do your shoes say about your personality?  I’d love to know!

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Understanding the personality of shoes and how they communicate



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  • Great post and video! Love the illustrations too as they demonstrate the different styles so well.
    For me, I would pick the relaxed shoe example every time. I also have a slight lean to classic (for me that means pared down style) and feminine (a touch of flowers or squarish bows). I nearly bought a beautiful sequined court shoe for my wedding (which I now regret not buying) but instead bought a square toed pearlised white pump with low Cuban heel and a matching leather bow on it. I was still happy. Hugs

  • loved this post — and all the examples — so glad that it was mentioned that shoes are usually not separate from the whole picture of what you’re wearing

    I also read the critical blog from Tom and Lorenzo — they far too often rip celebrity red carpets to shreds and I wish they would be more educating than just critical — but one thing they talk about a lot is the shoes — their taste is reflected in their shoe critiques, but I’m often dumbfounded on why they think some shoes would look better than others because they don’t explain enough … not sure if it is only based on their taste or actual wardrobe principles of what goes better with what???

    • Not sure of Tom and Lorenzo and their critique (never seen them) but I would suggest there would be a larger element of personal taste, but also some elements of things like scale and proportion of the shoe to the dress – harmony elements may come into their critique !

  • I am not consistent with shoe choices being very different depending upon what I will be doing. I do love wacky shoes which have a dramatic, feminine, and creative vibe when I am socializing with people! I like to attract people who like a bit of crazy.

  • Well, I like classic shoes, but because of back issues I need flat heeled shoes. I got some lovely navy leather ankle length brogues the other day. They look nice under jeans, a skirt or dress as long as the stockings are navy blue too. And they are comfy 😀
    For summer I like sandals and chucks since they are back en vogue here, and they are comfortable shoes, albeit very “relaxed” in they vibe. So I am glad they are the trend right now. It doesn’t just scream “sporty” but also up with the current fashion times.

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