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The September Issue Movie review

Yesterday I got The September Issue out on DVD.  I’d wanted to watch it when it was at the cinema, but never got there in time (which I find is often the case).   This was a documentary that I really enjoyed, and what I enjoyed most was seeing the sumptuous feast that is Grace Coddington’s fashion styling.  Wow that woman has some talent at producing the most gorgeous fashion spreads I think I’ve ever seen.

Anna Wintour is slightly less frosty than I expected, but not much.  She seems to spend a lot of her life looking slightly bored, with a fake half smile plastered across her face.  Anna Wintour would make a brilliant poker player as you really can’t tell most of the time what she’s thinking.

The only bit of real humanity I saw in her eyes was when she was speaking with her daughter, there was a point where she looked at her and you could see the love.

I had to laugh when I noticed that her office is set up exactly the same way as the editor Miranda Priestly’s office in The Devil Wears Prada was set up.

Grace Coddington really stole the show, you cared about her and her fashion spreads, and her hard work being cut from the magazine.  It made me want to subscribe to US Vogue just for her spreads alone, they are art.

Have you watched the movie?  What did you think?

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  • Anna Wintour was my neighbor for a few years. She had a summer home and we shared a driveway. If she was walking her dog on the driveway and I drove by she'd turn her head so that she didn't have to make eye contact. Definitely not your warm and fuzzy kind of woman.

  • I'm with you Imogen…Grace is the best part of that movie (and, I'd wager, the real genius behind Vogue). She's a force of nature!

  • I've gone and bought my own copy, just to feast on those 'Grace' Layouts. You know the lady who wrote 'Devil Wears Prada' worked for Anna Wintour. Could be why the office looks to similar!

  • Haven't seen this yet either but now plan to sooner rather than later.. feel Anna W always seems and looks so cold.. how can someone be like that all the time? Odd I think!

  • See it! If only to marvel at that crazy Andre Leon Talley — he's the most entertaining part of the movie, hands down.

  • The most revealing part was when Ms W. spoke of her siblings, what they had become, and what she imagined they thought of her work. Grace Coddington: brilliant but a group of talented adults are permitted to run an organization like a grade five schoolyard.

  • Dear Imogen,

    Thank you for your fantasic blog. I’m currently reading through it and often looking up things you mention or recommend. I’ve just found out that “Grace: 30 years of fashion at Vogue” is being re-published in September and is available for pre-order at Amazon for 97 $ USD. Just thought you might not yet own it and be still interested.

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