Does the Devil Wear Prada?


Does the devil wear chunky knits?  Prada is showing lots of them in their Autumn/Winter 2010 show, and where Prada goes, many are sure to follow, but should you go there?

Whenever I hear the word chunky knits, I think ‘and it’ll make me look chunky too’.  As you can see, even this whippet thin model has lost her waist in this chunky ensemble.

Go ahead, wear it in a hat, but be wary about putting it on the rest of your body.  If you really want to wear them, keep it to one half of your body at a time, and make sure the other half is in clothes that fit close to the body and that are not chunky, otherwise you will be completely overwhelmed by the fabric.

You have been warned.

Pics courtesy: Harpers Bazaar


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  • The only chunky I wear is the "Chunky Monkey" ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. A moment on the lips ends up on my hips. That is the only chunky I can take.;-)

  • Thank you for the warning-but in certain cases chunky is ok. If you are very skinny, I think that structure might work perfectly, for young and old.

  • I think chunky is good only for very skinny people otherwise they make you look like giant packages. It is usually warm though and in winter it's not that bad if you look a bit "chunky" as long as you are really warm! Ciao. A.

  • I love chunky knits and they don't love me any more than the next person. Here is what I do: I like tweedy sweaters and from time to time I buy pullovers at the thrift store in a palette I want and I sew two lines of machine stitching up the center and then cut it apart. So long as the garment is not tight in the first place, it hangs beautifully as a cardigan. Some I leave that way, some I put a crochet edge on or braid, some I put a prominent heavy zipper that opens from both top and bottom. Underneath, of course I have something more form fitting.

  • So agree with you! I once owned a sweater that artfully combined chunky knit stripes with very thin knit stripes. It was lovely, and didn't make me look like the Michelin man. But I lost it in one of my moves. It just disappeared and I took it as a sign from the fashion gods that even THAT chunky knit wasn't flattering. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I agree with you. I made a few mistakes falling in love with a beautifull heavy texture. (Now wear them in the country only). Here in south America woman wear heavier knits than in Canada for instance. It has to do with the inheritance of traditional wonderful wool weaving work in the Andes. Many many woman knit. If you know a south american man, he probably has a pullover which holds upright by itself. In the fashion scene, it is doing a coming back. You'll see, in a folk style: Wool pompoms, heavy macrame pieces integrated in a dress…I would wear very heavy knits but just as I'd wear fur ( vintage only): Around my neck, as a coat, a little touch a the sleeves,accessories, why not? but suits better certain styles…

  • How about a chunky-knit purse or tote bag? That's how I'd wear them. Or the hood or border on an otherwise sleek sweater.

    Or you could go the other way-spin the look by making the same design in a very fine mohair. The haze on the mohair would give the flavor of a chunky knit, but knit fabric would be thin and drape-y.

    Or you could do it as loopy lace. I made this scarf in thin grey mohair with a thick blue yarn–it looks fabulous but weighs only ounces, you can shake it out into a shawl or bunch it up into a long, skinny scarf. I've even pinned it into a "vest."

  • A chunky sweater to wear on a country weekend is about the best I could do. If you're short, small and not blessed with a waist, chunky is probably not the best look …

  • I've never been that fond of chunky, except for chunky whites. I don't care for any of the new Prada looks.

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