Evening Shoes for Short Legs


I’m 5 ft 2 inches a petite athletic frame and weigh 118 lbs  I have short legs and muscular thighs and calves.
What dress shoes / evening style do it west to give my legs a longer slimming look. Also heel and strapping styles
Thank you so much.

evening shoes for petites with curvy calves


Strap Styles

Straps are not ideal on evening shoes.  If you need a strap to hold your shoe on, then look for one that either sits just above the toes, or cuts across the foot on a diagonal (which also has the effect of slimming the foot).  Don’t go for too chunky a strap as you are petite, a more fine to medium strap will work best.

Heel Styles

If you have slim legs, look for a heel style that is also fine, such as a stiletto heel.

If you have more sturdy or curvy calves, then a wider based heel is more flattering, such as a cone heel, stacked heel or wedge.

Toe Styles

Pointed or more elongated toe boxes will make your legs look longer, while rounded or very squared off toe boxes shorten the length of your foot and leg.

Evening Shoes to Make Legs Look Longer


Shoe Vamp

The most essential element when choosing a shoe to make your leg look longer is the vamp – or how high up your foot the shoe comes. If it covers your foot, it is a high vamp, and the leg starts, well at the leg/ankle. If it is a low vamp, so there is no obtruction or strap across the foot above the toes, then it is a low vamp and the eye blends the foot to the leg, so the leg starts at the end of the shoe (just above the toes) not at the ankle, thus gaining valuable length.


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